Proportions Worksheet

Round the answers to 2 decimal digits.

1 a. 9 lbs of onions cost $45. How many lbs of onions can you get with $80 ?

1 b. A boat can travel 304 kilometers on 304 liters of gasoline. How much gasoline will it need to go 379 kilometers?

2 a. A car travels 248 miles in 4 hours (with a constant speed). How far can it travel in 6 hours (with the same speed)?

2 b. A boat travels 431.8 kilometers in 44.5 hours (with a constant speed). How much time will it take traveling 63.6 kilometers?

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Answer Key

Answers are rounded to 2 decimal digits.

1 a. 16 lbs.
1 b. 379 liters.
2 a. 372 miles.
2 b. 6.55 hours.

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