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A free gift: Math Mammoth sample pages

Subscribe to my newsletter, and get a FREE download of over 350 quality math worksheets and sample pages from Math Mammoth books I have authored (grades 1-9), AND from Make It Real Learning activity workbooks by Frank Wilson (grades 4-12). These free worksheets are reproducible for classroom use under single teacher.

You will get samples from all these books:
Math Mammoth books

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Maria's Math News is a monthly newsletter, including topics such as math teaching tips and ideas, math-related news, news about Math Mammoth books, math sites, product reviews, and humor.

The focus is on content that both parents and teachers are interested in, related to teaching math. See past volumes here!

Note: You will FIRST get an email that asks you to confirm your email address. PLEASE check also your SPAM/JUNK folder for this confirmation email.

Do I HAVE to subscribe to this if I only want the freebies?

No; if you only wish to get the free worksheets, and not the newsletter, simply UNSUBSCRIBE using the unsuscribe link in the email once you have downloaded the sheets. However, I get a lot of good feedback concerning my newsletter, so why not give it a try... you ALWAYS have the option of unsubscribing with a single click.

You CAN get these free worksheets also by visiting the individual book pages at MathMammoth.com. Just choose a book, and on that book's webpage you will find the sample worksheets on the right sidebar. But subscribing will give you the advantage of getting them ALL in one download, instead of hundreds of individual downloads.