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Learn to recognize coins game for preschool/kindergarten

Here's a simple game to help children learn how to recognize coins and learn the cent-values of various coins. It works best with kindergarten-level children.

Image by www.flickr.com/photos/crazyneighborlady

First, make a pile of pennies, a pile of nickels, and a pile of dimes (no quarters at first). Ask the child to make a certain amount, such as "Make 24 cents." Check the child's work.

Then let the child have a turn telling YOU to make some particular cent-amount.

That's it! It's like a game, and great fun for little children.

Once the child has mastered pennies, nickels, and dimes, the next step (such as in a few days) is to introduce quarters. You can start out by explaining that two quarters makes 50 cents. In the game, call out amounts that use 2 quarters, such as 62 or 58 cents.

The next step is more difficult: to combine one quarter with other coins. For example, show the child a quarter and a nickel and ask how much that makes. Once the child knows that makes 30 cents, it is time to practice making amounts such as 32 ¢, 35 ¢ and other similar ones.

To make it easier to learn the coins, you can initially omit the words "nickel", "dime", and "quarter". Most children are probably fine with using "penny" for the 1-cent coin because they have probably heard that word often. For the other coins, you can simply use the terms "5-cent coin", "10-cent coin", and "25-cent coin" in the very beginning, and then a later teach the customary names "nickel," "dime," and "quarter."

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