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A simple game for learning to recognize numbers

This is a very easy and simple game that helps children (especially preschoolers) to learn to recognize numbers. Kids love it!

Foam numbers This game is SO simple that it's almost laughable; yet it went over VERY well with my little girl! I am still amazed. There is no strategy involved and it's so simple I almost hesitate to call it a game. But I did call it a "number game" to my 3-year old and she loved it.

Use foam or plastic numbers, and simply make a heap of them between the two of you. At your turn, pick one of the numbers, hold it up high and call out its name, such as "Number five!" Then put it to your personal pile.

Then the child will find the same number (make sure there are at least two of each number) and copy you, calling out loud its name and putting the number to child's own pile.

Next it is the child's turn to pick any number from the pile, call out its name, and put it to the child's own pile. Then you (the teacher) need to find the same number, call out its name, and put it to your pile.

After all the numbers in the middle pile are gone, the child gets the task to arrange the numbers in order. (And that's great fun too!) That's all there is to this game.

This kind of fun learning should make your child to recognize the numbers VERY quickly. Then, the child can also start playing UNO game together with you or with other children.

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