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Basic shapes - review

This is a review lesson about basic shapes (polygons), meant for third grade. It contains varied hands-on (drawing) exercises and tilings about triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, and hexagons.

If a shape has three vertices (corners)
and three sides, it is a triangle.

If a shape has FOUR vertices and four sides,
it is a quadrilateral, or a four-sided shape.
“Quadri” means four, and “lateral” refers to sides.

If a shape has FIVE vertices
and five sides, it is a pentagon.

If a shape has SIX vertices
and six sides, it is a hexagon.

Seven-sided figure = heptagon
Eight-sided figure = octagon
Nine-sided figure = nonagon
Ten-sided figure = decagon

1. Draw two pentagons here by drawing
    dots and connecting them with lines.
    Remember, your pentagons don't
    have to look “regular” or nice. You
    can draw them to look “funny,” too,
    as long as they have five sides and
    five vertices.

2. What shape is formed if you place the bolded sides of the two figures together?
    You can trace the shapes and cut them out.



a. ____________________________________


b.  ____________________________________


c. ____________________________________


d. ____________________________________

3. Draw a straight line or lines through the shape and divide it into other shapes!


a. a square and a rectangle


b. a triangle and a pentagon


c. three rectangles


d. two quadrilaterals
    that are not rectangles


e. two parts that are
    exactly the same shape


f. four triangles

g. four triangles

h. a triangle and a pentagon

i. four quadrilaterals

4. Divide the pentagon and the hexagon into new shapes using one straight line. Notice: your
    line does NOT have to go from corner to corner. Write what new shapes you get.





5. Continue the tilings so they fill the grids, and name what shape(s) are used in the tiling.

a.  ________________________

b.  ________________________

c.  ________________________ and  ________________________

6. Design your own tilings here.

This lesson is taken from Maria Miller's book Math Mammoth Early Geometry, and posted at www.HomeschoolMath.net with permission from the author. Copyright © Maria Miller.

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