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Area Versus Perimeter

This lesson contrasts area and perimeter, and has varied exercises for the students about both concepts. The lesson is meant for grade 3 or 4.

Some concepts and ideas of this lesson are also explained in this video:

Sometimes it's easy to confuse perimeter and area.

  • AREA has to do with covering the shape with squares. Your answer will be in square centimeters, square inches, square feet, square meters, or just square units.
  • PERIMETER has to do with “going all the way
    around.” Your answer will be in some unit of length, such as centimeters, meters, inches, or feet.

Area: 4 cm × 8 cm = 32 cm2.

4 cm + 8 cm + 4 cm + 8 cm = 24 cm

1. Find the area and perimeter of the rectangles. 


Perimeter = ______________________

Area = ______________________


Perimeter = ______________________

Area = ______________________

c.  4 in. wide, 2 in. tall

Perimeter = ______________________

Area = __________________________

d.  A square with 3 cm sides

Perimeter = ______________________

Area = __________________________

2. Find the area and perimeter of this shape.
    Notice that one side length is not given.
    You need to figure that out.




4. This is a two-part lawn.

    a. Find the areas of the two parts.

        _____________ and __________________

    b. Find the total area.

    c. Find the perimeter.



5. Find the total area of this rectangle,
    and also the area of each little part.

    Area of each part:

    Total area:


This lesson is taken from Maria Miller's book Math Mammoth Early Geometry, and posted at www.HomeschoolMath.net with permission from the author. Copyright © Maria Miller.

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