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Descriptions and reviews of the most popular homeschool math curricula.
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First grade worksheets
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Basic operations worksheet generator
Addition worksheets
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Grade 1 addition worksheets
Grade 1 subtraction worksheets
Grade 1 telling time worksheets
Grade 1 place value worksheets
Grade 1 counting money worksheets

Grade 2 addition worksheets
Grade 2 subtraction worksheets
Grade 2 telling time worksheets
Grade 2 place value worksheets
Grade 2 counting money worksheets

Grade 3 multiplication worksheets
Worksheets for division facts
Grade 4 multiplication worksheets
Worksheets for division with remainders
Division worksheets
Long division worksheets
Telling time worksheets
Roman Numerals
Customary measurement units
Metric measurement units
Grade 3 measuring worksheets
Grade 4 measuring worksheets
Grade 5 measuring worksheets
Grade 6 measuring worksheets
Fraction worksheet generator 1
Fraction worksheet generator 2
Worksheets for fraction addition
Worksheets for fraction multiplication
Factoring Worksheets
Decimal worksheet generator
Rounding Worksheets
Fraction/decimal worksheets
Rounding decimals Worksheets
Percent/decimal worksheets
Exponents worksheets
Negative & zero exponents worksheets
Square Roots Worksheets

Ratio word problems
Order of operations
Variable expressions
Evaluate expressions
Simplify expressions
Linear equations
Linear inequalities
Graphing linear equations & slope
Speed, time & distance

Equation calculator
Equation editor Circle worksheets
Classify triangles
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Area & perimeter of rectangles
Area of triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons
Coordinate grid

Reviews of math products


Equals Math Jigsaw Puzzles
King Joe math stories
Time4Learning online curriculum
Times Tales
Tux Math
Multiplication Mountain
Science resources

Middle school

Flatland: The Movie
Calculus Without Tears
Dr. Math® algebra books
Dr. Math® geometry books
MathTV.com video CDs
RightStart Geometry
The Adventures of Penrose The Mathematical Cat
The Math Goodies CD
Time4Learning online curriculum

High school

Algebra Unplugged
Calculus Without Tears
Carnegie Learning Cognitive Tutor Algebra 1
Dr. Math® algebra books
Dr. Math® geometry books
Graphic Calculus software
MathTV.com video CDs
Propositional Logic


Choose Math Operation game
Word Guess game (Hangman) with two levels:  Easy   Difficult

Articles and lessons on math education

For all grades

Four habits of highly effective math teaching
Seven reasons behind math anxiety and how to prevent it

Keeping math skills sharp in the summer
Geometric vanish puzzles
Do's and don'ts of teaching problem solving
Solving word problems & setting up equations


Learn to recognize numbers — a game for preschoolers
Kindergarten math
Using a 100-bead abacus in elementary math
Learn to recognize coins game
Elementary word problems
Using calculator in elementary grades?
Mental math "mathemagic" with Arthur Benjamin (video)


Balance illustrates equation solving
Why are fractions so difficult?
Negative or zero exponents
Number to zero power is one - 2 proofs
How to teach proportions
How to teach integers
Hands-on with pi
Sine in a right triangle
Rational numbers & converting repeating decimals into fractions
Why study math? square roots? algebra?
Where do you need exponents in everyday life?
Square roots without a calculator?

High School

Why high school geometry is difficult
Help with high school geometry
What is proof?
Two-column proof vs. paragraph proof
Proving is a process - logarithm problem
Fascinating irrational numbers
Proof that square root of 2 is irrational
Rational numbers are countable
How does calculator find values of sine?
Fibonacci numbers and golden section
Why does the square root algorithm work?

Place Value Lessons

Teaching tens and ones
Tens and ones practice
Counting in groups of ten
Skip-counting (0-100)
Comparing (0-100)
Cents and dimes
Place Value - hundreds
Comparing (0-1000)
Place value - thousands
Comparing thousands
Place value - big numbers

Add & Subtract Lessons

Missing addend concept (0-10)
Addition facts with 6
Addition & subtraction connection

Within 0-100

Add/subtract whole tens (0-100)
Easy principle of adding ones
Fact families for basic facts
Sum over next whole ten
Add 2-digit numbers mentally
Subtract 2-digit numbers mentally
Regrouping in addition
Borrowing from tens

Within 0-1000

Rounding to nearest ten
Carry two times
Borrow from hundreds
Borrow two times
Borrow over zero tens

Multiplication & Division Lessons

Multiplication concept as repeated addition
Multiplication on a number line
Multiplication is commutative
Multiply by zero
Multiplication word problems
Order of operations
Structured drill for multiplication tables
Multiplying by whole tens & hundreds
Distributive property
Partial products - the easy way
Partial products - video lesson
Multiplication algorithm
Multiplication Algorithm — Two-Digit Multiplier
Scales problems - video lesson
Estimation when multiplying


Division as making groups
Division/multiplication connection
Division is repeated subtraction
Zero in division
Division that is not exact (remainder)
Long division as repeated subtraction
Why long division works
Remainder & long division
Zero in dividend
A two-digit divisor

Review of division topics
Divisibility within 0-1000
Divisibility rules
Prime factorization 1
Prime factorization 2
Sieve of Eratosthenes

Fraction Lessons

Understanding fractions
A fractional part of a group
Mixed numbers
Fraction to mixed number
Adding like fractions
Equivalent fractions
Adding unlike fractions
Adding unlike fractions 2: Finding the common denominator
Adding mixed numbers Subtracting mixed numbers
Subtracting mixed numbers 2
Measuring in inches
Comparing fractions
Simplifying fractions
Whole number times a fraction
Fraction times a fraction
Multiplication as an area
Simplify before multiplying
Divide fractions by whole number
Dividing fractions by fractions
Dividing mixed numbers

Geometry Lessons

Lines, rays, and angles
Measuring angles
Area vs. perimeter
Parallel & perpendicular
Acute, obtuse, and right triangles
Angles in a triangle
Equilateral & isosceles triangles
Compass ruler constructions
How to draw an altitude to a triangle
Area of rectangles
Area of right triangles
Area of parallelograms
Area of triangles

Decimals Lessons

Decimals (1 decimal digit)
Decimal place value (1 decimal digit)
Decimals (2 decimal digits)
Decimal place value (2 decimal digits)
Decimals (3 decimal digits)

Add & subtract (1 decimal digit)
Add & subtract (2 decimal digits)
Add and subtract decimals — practice
Comparing decimals

Multiply a decimal by a whole number
Multiply decimals by decimals
Divide decimals—mental math
Divide decimals by decimals
Multiply and divide decimals by 10, 100, and 1000

Percent Lessons

Percent - the concept and how to change fractions to percents
Percentage of a number using mental math
Percentage of a number using decimals
What percentage...
Basics of percent of change