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Review of Tux Math software for math facts

Tux Math is a free children's arcade game for practicing math facts and mental math questions. It also has a version for Windows, Mac, and Linux, so it works in all three operating systems.

My girls had somewhat of a frenzy of practice sessions with it. It's simple, free, yet fun, so I decided to write a quick review of it.

You "shoot" falling meteorites by answering math problems (you type the answer and press Enter). If you can't answer one, the meteorite does some damage to one of the igloos. After enough damage, the penguin in that igloo leaves (walks away).

But, once you answer a red "fiery" question that falls down quickly, a cloud comes and fixes the igloo. Then your penguin comes back! I think that's so cute!! You can ONLY lose if ALL of your penguins go away.

The background is always an image from space. At first the math questions fall down quite slowly, but as you go along, they start falling down quicker.

The options let you choose any of the four operations or mixed operations. For example, you can practice specific times tables.

There's a training section and then a section that gives you random questions. In that section, you play as long as you want, and when you stop, the program tells you if you are in the top ten highest scores for you. If so, then you get to the "hall of fame."

In the training section, once you finish answering any particular type of problems (such as addition 0-5 or multiplication by 4), the star for that type turns glowing yellow. That's what my kids are after – they want to turn all of those stars yellow.

You can make as many new "accounts" as you want and fill the "hall of fame" with you, your children/students, and your various nicknames.

Tux Math (or Tux of Math Command) is just a simple free game for practicing math facts. There are no special features such as reports or adaptivity. It is available as a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux here.

Review by Maria Miller