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Trigonometry resources online


Dave's Short Trig Course
Explanations on trigonometry concepts with interactive applets.

The Math Page: Trigonometry
Tutorials on various trigonometry topics accompanied with exercises where the answer is revealed with a mouseover.

Trigonometry Help at Math-Mate
Tutorials for basic trig topics, such as: naming the sides of a right triangle, ratios between the side lengths, using trigonometry to work out side lengths, trigonometry on the calculator, using Pythagoras' Theorem, application problems in trigonometry.

Trigonometry Realms from Zona Land
"When you understand this animated diagram, you shall understand the sin(x)." Detailed explanations relating the basic trigonometric functions to the right triangle. Check their Point Definitions for Trig Functions page, where a dynamic graph shows the relationships between the unit circle graph and the standard graph and the right triangle definition of the trigonometric functions.

Trigonometric Functions from Interactive Mathematics
A full online tutorial on trigonometry topics. Has interactive quizzes after each section.

Maths Online Gallery: Trigonometric Functions
Collection of Java applets with exercises for the student.  The Definition of trig functions applet illustrates the right-triangle definitions and comes with exercises to guide the exploration.  Also included applet Triangle and Law of Sines and Recognize graphs puzzles.

Trigonometric Functions and Calculus for Liberal Arts and Business Majors
A complete tutorial online—modeling with sine function, the six trigonometric funtions, their derivatives and integrals. Includes exercises and answers to odd-numbered ones.

Trick for Teaching Basic Trig
A trick ("a touching hand") for understanding and remembering what "opposite" and "adjacent" mean in a right triangle.

The exact values for the sine of integer angles
How do you find exact values for the sine of integer angles? This post explains them plus have a PDF file listing all exact values of sine for integer angles.

Over 6,000 free, online video lessons for basic math, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Videos also available in Spanish. Also includes online textbooks. I've written a review of MathTV lessons when they used to be offered on CDs.

Trigonometry Help Sheet
A printable chart for solutions for right triangles. Shows the formula for the unknown sides & angles when you know two sides, or side and an angle.

BrightStorm Math
Over 2,000 free videos covering all high school math topics from algebra to calculus. Registration required (free).

Trigonometry Definitions Reference Sheet
Both online and printable versions; the sheet includes both right triangle definitions and unit circle definitions for all trig functions.

Explorelearning Trigonometry Gizmos
Gizmos (interactive online activities with exploration guides) for cosine, sine, and tangent functions, unit circle, simplifying, translating and scaling trig functions. Try their free trial account.  Dynamical guided exploring with these gizmos promotes understanding. Excellent resource!

Trigonometric Functions Mathplet
This Java applet is worth checking since while graphing the function it shows the angle changing on the unit circle.  However, you can't scale the graph paper.

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