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Online games for addition and subtraction

This is an annotated and hand-picked list of online games, tools, worksheets, and activities related to addition and subtraction facts or multi-digit addition/subtraction. I have tried to gather a variety of resources, and have personally hand-picked each website, to make sure it is truly useful for my site visitors!

Addition and addition facts   Subtraction   Multi-digit addition/subtraction

Addition and addition facts

Bus Sums Activity
Bus Sums is a fun addition & subtraction activity for kindergarten and first grade where you add people to a bus and also remove them at different bus stops. Children can practice simple addition and subtraction problems while seeing them in action in a real-life application.

K-Level Math
Practice counting, simple addition and subtraction. This game uses both numbers and number words. Perfect for kindergarten.

Add - KidsCalculate
Multiple-choice addition practice with interactive visual models — if the child cannot answer the problem, the child can drag sticks in the workarea to find the answer. Several levels available (within 0 to 5, 0 to 10, 0 to 15, 0 to 20, or 0 to 50, add to 5).

Addition Exercise from Dositey.com
Write how many worms are on two leaves, and how many together.

Sum Stacker
Drag dies from stack to stack until the sums of each stack equal the sums given.

An addition/subtraction card game
This card game is an easy, cheap and fun alternative to drill.

Fun math card game
This is not an online game, but explains a simple and fun card game for addition/subtraction.

Number Bond Machines
Practice which two numbers add up to a given number.

Number Eaters
A game where you eat the addition (or subtraction) problems if the sum (difference) is a given number. The games start out really easy and with small numbers. You can choose from many options Practices number bonds (sums of 4, 5, 6, etc.).

How to Teach Addition
This article explains how to teach addition based on building all the possible number combinations with rods (in the article you see Mortenson Math manipulatives being used).

Save the Whale
Find how much the given "pipe" length is missing from 10 and save the whale.

Fun 4 The Brain
Practice your basic facts with these kid-appealing simple games.

Sticker Math Fun (Usborne)
A bright sticker activity book with hundreds of stickers. My kindergartner has really liked this book! It has different mathematically-sound activities for addition, subtraction, beginning multiplication, fractions and clock mostly on about 1st grade level. The activities are not just simple addition and subtraction, but include missing addends or subtrahends, number patterns, finding numbers that add up to a certain number, and so on.

Kids' Compare Numbers from Mr. Martini's Classroom
Compare two numbers. Press the number below to choose the biggest number that will appear.

Number Line Arithmetic
Use this virtual manipulative to illustrate addition on number line

Line Jumper
Addition questions on a number line.

Toy Theater - Number Pattern Bridge
Fill in the missing number in the pattern (really an arithmetic number sequence). Some of the patterns go by ones, others by other numbers (such as 1, 4, 7, 10, ____, 16).

Kids Addition Quiz
A set of five interactive addition problems that you answer online.

Number Pyramid
Arrange the bottom numbers of the pyramid in order to achieve the highest/lowest possible number on the top.

Fill and Pour
Fill and pour liquid with two containers until you get the target amount. A logical thinking puzzle.

Face off! and other card and board games
Students place markers on the numbers 2-12, toss two dice, find the sum and remove a marker from that number. The page has other addition games also.

Estimate Addition Quiz
Scroll down the page to find this quiz plus some others. Fast loading.

The Abacus
History, instructions, and articles about the age-old calculating aid.
Nurtureminds.com sells workbooks that teach abacus.

An Interactive Abacus
Practice making numbers on the abacus. The same site has also addition and subtraction games for the abacus.

Numberline Lane
Teaching and learning math through stories. Numberline Lane is a series of ten math story books with colorful full-page illustrations. Written by a math teacher for children aged from 4 to 7 (preschool).  Price: $5.90/book

Squigly is hiding in one of the apples. Click on the ordinal number that tells the order of Squigly's apple.

Giggle Facts
An addition and subtraction facts program with 50 games and worksheets. Includes 33 different board games, playing cards, dominoes, and various kinds of dice for the games. $39.99 + sh.


Subtract - KidsCalculate
Multiple-choice subtraction practice with interactive visual models — if the child cannot answer the problem, the child can drag sticks in the workarea to find the answer. Several levels available (within 0 to 5, 0 to 10, 0 to 15, 0 to 20, or 0 to 50, subtract from 5, from 10, and missing number questions such as 9 = 6 + ?).

Kids' Subtraction Quiz from Mr. Martini's Classroom
Five problems to solve online. You can choose the highest number used from the list of numbers below the quiz.

Subtraction Mystery Picture
Find out the picture behind the tiles by solving subtraction questions within 0-10.

Matching Pictures to Number Sentences
Find the correct number sentence to go along with the picture.

Subtraction Game from Count Us In
Subtract two numbers which bowls a ball down a bowling alley lane.

Take It Away
Subtract and click on the correct answer.

Subtraction Pinball
When the ball hits numbers, it defines a problem. Next you choose the correct answer.

Simple Subtraction
Help the duck fly faster by clicking on the cloud with the correct answer.

Save the Apples!
Click on the correct basket to get the monkey carry the apple basket. A crocodile is waiting!

Busy Bees
Figure out how many of the 10 bees went inside the hive.

Math Pop
In this game, balloons with single-digit numbers fall from the "sky". You task is to pop enough of them so that you get the target number (such as 23) as the sum.

Soccer Subtraction
Click to make the players disappear until the subtraction sentence is true.

Mental Maths Practice
Online practice of sets of 10 addition and subtraction questions; timed

Math Facts Practice at playKidsgames.com
Timed math facts practice with various skill levels.

Online Subtraction Flash Cards

Number Line Bounce
Arrange the given bounce arrows on a number line using addition and subtraction until you reach the target number. Since it uses several operations, it is challenging for first graders, but give it a try.

Multi-digit addition and/or subtraction

Space Jumps
Adding two single-digit numbers, first jump to ten, then the rest to the spaceship. Practices addition that goes over ten.

Base Blocks Addition
A virtual manipulative that shows regrouping in addition. You can either solve addition problems that are provided, or creater your own. "Lasso" with a mouse ten units, ten tens, or ten hundreds to regroup them. Choose "Columns = 2" to restrict the work to two-digit numbers.

Base Blocks Subtraction
A virtual manipulative that helps teach borrowing in subtraction. Choose "Create Problem", then click on the red and blue blocks to create a problem. The number to be subtracted (the subtrahend) is illustrated by the RED blocks whereas the minuend is by the BLUE blocks. Click BEGIN problem to start solving. Drag a red block on top of a blue to "subtract" - they cancel each other. Drag bigger place values to the column on their right to "break them up" - in other words regroup or borrow.

Number Blocks from WuzzlesAndPuzzles.com.
The numbers in each row add up to the totals to the right. The numbers in each column add up to the totals along the bottom. Great to practice addition in grades 2-4 and logical thinking. See also their Math Challenges - these require the usage of all four operations and can be hard.

Addition of Three-Digit Numbers e-Lab
Type two three-digit numbers to add, and the applet shows them with base ten blocks. Then press "Regroup" IF it is needed, and the applet shows regrouping with the blocks.

Subtraction of Three-Digit Numbers e-Lab
Type two three-digit numbers to subtract, and the applet shows them with base ten blocks. Then press "Regroup" IF it is needed, and the applet shows regrouping with the blocks.

Sample addition lessons for 2nd grade from Dreambox
Interactive lessons on mental addition of 2 and 3-digit numbers: Building equal expressions using snapblocks; turning hard additions into "friendlier" problems by making one of the addends a multiple of 10; function machines, and jumps of ten on the number line.

Estimate addition quiz
Scroll down the page to find this quiz plus some others. Fast loading.

Regrouping in vertical addition
Shows hundreds, tens, ones as pictures, and asks you to regroup if needed.

Number Cracker
Help Mr. Cracker obtain the secret code before the insidious Prof. Soup catches him by guessing what number comes next in a series of numbers.

Number Jump
Move the ball along the number line to smash the flies.

Connect Sums
Click on the neighboring die-faces/numbers/coins so that the points add up to the given target sum.

Bridging Shuttle
Bridging Through Ten means the same as adding to ten first, then the rest. Get a "flight plan," then first add to ten by typing the number needed in the oval, and press the red button. Then type the rest that the shuttle needs to go in the other oval, and press the red button.

Add Like Mad
Click on numbers that add to the target sum. The more numbers you use, the higher your score will be.

AplusMath Games
Matho (math and bingo combined), concentration, hidden picture, and Planet Blaster games for the basic operations.

Addition Surprise
Draw the answer square in the addition table.

Power Lines Puzzle
Arrange the numbers into the pattern so that the numbers on the "lines" add up to the given sum.

Online Addition Flashcards

Speed Grid Addition
Find numbers on the grid that add up to the given number.

Double Digit Addition
Match the addition problem with the correct sum.

Addition Level 2
A matching game where you add a one-digit number and a two-digit number.

Froggy Hop
Find 10 more or 1 more of a given number.

Callum's Addition Pyramid
Add the pairs of numbers to get a number on the next level and finally the top number.
Three difficulty levels.

Techno Tortoise
Practice adding two two-digit numbers in parts on a number line.

Mr. Martini's Classroom: Long Addition
Practice adding two-digit numbers in columns online.

Mathionare Addition Quiz
Answer increasingly more difficult addition questions (one and two-digit numbers), and win a million!

Button Beach Challenge
Figure out what number the various colored buttons represent.

Teaching Treasures - Year 2 Maths Worksheets
Simple online addition and subtraction worksheets where the student types in the answer and can check it.

Count on Convict
Practice "adding up" strategy for mental subtraction. First type the amount to move on to the next whole ten, then count on tens, then the rest.

Random Stop 1000
Place digits strategically into the addition problem so that the sum is as close as 1000 as possible.


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