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Bus Sums Activity

Bus Sums is a fun addition & subtraction activity for Kindergarten and first grade where you add people to a bus and also remove them at different bus stops. Children can practice simple addition and subtraction problems while seeing them in action in a real-life application.

The teacher can use the activity to model addition alone, subtraction alone, or both at the same time (such as 5 + 3 − 2). The context of a bus makes it appealing and engaging to the children. You can choose between a single-decker (max 10 people) and double-decker bus (max 20 people).


On the first bus stop, add some people into the bus. Go to the next stop, and then add some people, remove some people, or do both. Click the "Show sum" button to see an addition or subtraction that the student can solve. Click "Show answer" to see the answer.

For example, let's say you add 6 people to the bus on the first stop. Then on the second stop, you remove 2 people and add 3 new people. The activity will then show you 6 + 3 − 2.

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