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EDUCATIONAL links for parents and teachers

Note: Homeschool Math is not responsible for the content of these external sites and does not necessarily endorse everything they say or have.  But hopefully you'll find something worthwhile!


Obviously this website has math links all over the place but here are some that didn't really fit elsewhere.

Assessment Services Inc.
Reasonably priced math and science manipulatives.

Math Teacher Edu
Information about experience requirements, job duties, and salary expectations for math teachers — useful for students aspiring to become math teachers.

The King Joe Series
Educational storybook/flashcard series designed to reinforce a comprehensive list of nearly 800 math vocabulary words and phrases. It connects reading and math for children.

Educational toy shop online, selling toys and games to help learn math online. Board and card games, math manipulatives, math & reading computer software, electronic games and Teacher Supplies. Over 2900 educational products. Leap Frog, Lego, Oregon Scientific, Learning Resources, Edmark.

Math and Statistics Quizzes
Interesting quizzes about various math-related topics.



Interactive online books and games for learning to read. Totally free!

Inside Story Flashcards
Printable vocabulary flash cards with cool memorable photographs.

Best Children's Books
Articles on children, reading, books, book lists, free books, and advice on writing books for children.

Sight Words
Free digital and printable tools to help young children to read sight words.

English Worksheets Land
Tons of free ELA worksheets for grades K-5, organized by topic and grade, and aligned to the CCS.



Fun and safe science experiments & science fair project ideas that can be done at home with common, inexpensive materials.

EduPup Educational Games
Free online games for math, science, geography & history.

TV Schoolhouse
Free educational films for all ages and subjects that were originally made between the 1940s and 1960s and were used over and over, decade after decade.

Interactive periodic table and more.

Hundreds of FREE curriculum pages and preschool activities to download instantly.

Puzzle Master has a large and unique collection of brain teasers & puzzles for sale.

The Science of Taking a Break
Many studies have found that pausing for a moment to relax and reboot is essential for achieving productivity. This is especially true for students. Not taking regular breaks can lead to a significant decrease in academic performance and, in some cases, serious health concerns like anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

A Guide to Online Middle Schools
Guidance on how to find & compare online middle schools, including examples of costs, and considerations on interface, academics, and faculty.

Classroom Complete Press
Lesson Plans For Remedial & Regular Education

Mortgage loans calculator

Over one hundred finance-related calculators.

Language courses
German, English, Spanish, French or Italian language courses abroad.

The Classroom
Directory of educational links.

Tutoring For Excellence | Tutors in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Wollongong, Newcastle
Offers franchising opportunities and home tuition with coaching in all subjects, all levels and all abilities. Be tutored in your own home by a tutor who is either a qualified teacher, university graduate or university student.

Baby Sign Language
A collection of free resources created to teach baby sign language.

Topics include single mom financial aid, scholarship resources, food and housing programs, parenting advice, and related information. The site is maintained by a single mom Lindsay Blanche in hope to help and educate other single moms in need.

Stores carrying used or cheap homeschooling books and curriculum