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Grades: K-8       Time4Learning

Time4Learning is an online curriculum for grades K-12 where the content is delivered over the internet and you pay a subscription fee.

It is a complete curriculum, covering not only math but language arts, science, social studies, and more. It can easily be used to supplement any existing curriculum, too.

The content includes 1500+ interactive lessons (activities) and quizzes plus printable worksheets. The scope of their math curriculum is very comprehensive with hundreds of interactive lessons. Studying the lessons is similar to watching a video but with interactive questions.

The mathematics curriculum is provided by CompassLearning Odyssey and is correlated to various state standards and to mathematics standards of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. On all grades, the mathematics topics include number sense, operations, algebra, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, data analysis and probability topics.

For grades K-4, Time4learning has a timed "Playground" - a link list of games and child-safe websites where the child can go only after completing a certain amount of time in the lessons. Playground is available on the upper grades too, just without the timer.

Subscription price: PreK-8th grade:$19.95 per month, $14.95 for second child. High school: $30 per month. (Remember you get all school subjects for this - not just math.)

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Reviews of Time4Learning math curriculum

Time: 3 months

Your situation: My daughter is in 3rd grade, but struggling in math, so I chose to homeschool her and let her start over, no rush

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: The T4L math curriculum is great. Each lesson is a video with fun little games in it that makes learning, well, fun. Assuming your kid loves video games like mine does! I love that this site is customizable to your kids level. My DD is in 3rd grade everything, but 1st grade math. It was very simple to adjust (just click 1 button!).

Another thing I love is that since DD is actually in 3rd grade, she knows some of the math concepts taught in 1st. Instead of making her redo EVERYTHING in order to see if she grasps a concept, she can simply take the chapter test of each math section.

Once you take the test, it marks "completed" on the lessons your child doesn't need to take - so no wasting anyones time

Review left October 6, 2012
Time: 1 month

Your situation: My children are both ADHD, they are both on the verge of failing, and time for learning has helped a great deal, we are filling in the gaps, I love that we can go back into other grades and do lessons its a great tool

Why you liked/didn't like the book: It's a great learning tool for the summer

Tiffani Welzin
Review left July 5, 2012
Time: 1 month

I had my kids in a public school and some things started happening that I did not approve of in the school, like they were not reporting things that they should have and just let it go like it was nothing and I had to find out about it after the matter on the news and hearsay, so I decided since my kids were not safe to be watched and protected at the school that it was time for me to step in and protect my kids from this ungodly world. So that led me to Time 4 Learning. A friend told me about it so I decided to try it.

Why you liked/didn't like the book: I like the curriculum because it is very detailed, it clearly explains what it is our children are working on. It teaches them in ways that I wouldn't have even thought to teach my kids. I follow along with my kids and what I think they need extra help with I talk to them about it and Time 4 Learning has worksheets that you can print out and go over with your children. I think Time 4 Learning is great and very affordable.

Any other helpful hints: It's very easy for you and your children to follow, very detailed, has everything your child would learn in a public school and it's also better because even if your child doesn't understand it, you can work with them and redo the assignments until they do understand it. It's very affordable so it doesn't hurt to at least give it a try.

Alicia Keeling
Review left June 13, 2012
Time: 2+ years

Your situation: My family moved out of the United States of America and I didn't want my kids (then ages 4 and 6) to go to the local schools of the country we moved to. We were totally new to homeschooling and found out about Time4learning from a google search. It's been the best decision I've made for my kids homeschool.

Why you liked/didn't like the book: Math has not been much of a problem. We had to use some outside support to get the kids the math basics so Time4learning was just supplemental when it came to the basics. After my kids got those down, then we used Time4learning for all the advanced math studies. It's worked very well. My kids use the worksheets provided on the site when they need a little extra help.

The only thing I don't like about the tests is that when my son has a problem he will just take the test over and over again until he gets the answer right rather than actually trying. The kids shouldn't be allowed to re-take the tests immediately if they don't do well. There should be a time period which allows for them to go back and study the materials before retaking the tests.

I love the playground which is provided for the kids after they do some lessons. They only get 15 minutes of playground time, but somehow my kids learned how to circumvent this timer and get more time so I really had to watch them when they went to the playground. The opportunity to play the games in the playground was instrumental in getting my son to actually look forward to learning.

Once he turned 8, the playground lost its appeal to him so we had to find something else to encourage him with. My daughter never could find many games that she enjoyed. Part of it is that she is still learning to use computers. The few games she did use, she really loved. I'd suggest that Time4learning add some more games to interest all ages.

Also, since I was in another country, we often didn't get to do homeschool because the site was doing maintenance and there was a 12 hour difference from where we were to the USA. Some of the games in the playground would not load either and I think this was based on our location.

Any other helpful hints: Supplement any online home school program you might use with in-home games, worksheets, and real life examples. Find another group of home-schoolers using this or a similar curriculum so that the kids can feel like they are attending school. I notice my kids often tell folks that they don't go to a "real school" because they are home-schooled.

Kelly Pratt
Review left May 18, 2012
Time: one month

Your situation: We started homeschooling in February. My son has always had issues with math. Time4learning has given him the time and

Why you liked/didn't like the book: Time4learning has given him the time and ability to review as much as he needs to in order to "get" the lesson. He actually hasn't had to review any of the lessons, it is done in such a way that he gets it the first time!

As a member of Time4Learning, I have been asked to review their online education program and share my experiences. While I was compensated, this review was not written or edited by Time4Learning and my opinion is entirely my own. Write your own curriculum review or learn how to use their curriculum for homeschool, after school study or summer learning.

Any other helpful hints: We REALLY love the entire curriculum in Time4Learning not just math!

Review left March 27, 2012
Time: less than a month

Your situation: I am a homeschooling parent! We had homeschooled our children in the past with little success in keeping our now 9 year old son interested. We are currently transitioning away from public school once again. Our son really enjoys learning on the computer. Time4learning offers a great deal of the curriculum for him in an easy to use online format.

Why you liked/didn't like the book: I like that I can track his progress and guide him in the right direction. Two thumbs up for time4learning.com Thanks!!

Review left February 8, 2012
Your situation:
Home school mom of 7 year old. I have had a problem getting my son to focus on his math. We recently tried Time4Learning and he loves it! Interactive curriculum grabs the attention of my son! We use it to supplement his workbooks. The only negative that I have is that they tend to get lazy at times and guess at the answer until the answer is correct.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
Like it! Engages child in bright colorful online curriculum. Use as a supplement to your Math curriculum. Easy to keep records of childs progress with the portfolio section.

Review left August 8, 2011
Time: 4 months

We really like this program. My sons (8 and 10) have been using Time 4 Learning (T4L) as part of our curriculum for several months. T4L is an online program that works really well with younger students and visual learners. Even auditory learners, like my older son, love this program. T4L holds students' attention by using colorful entertaining characters with humorous voices and situations kids can identify with.

I have three children who grew up before electronics became a prevalent part of childhood. My older kids are now independent professionals so I believed I understood the challenges of raising children. However, today's kids are exposed to an onslaught of fast paced information through television, computers, cell phones, game boxes and a host of other electronics. In some ways this is not a bad thing - but my gut instinct and my own research has led me to find ways to limit this onslaught. We no longer have television, hand held games or game boxes, computer use is monitored, and our sons are not allowed inside friends' homes who have unrestricted access to electronics.

Children today face a world of rapidly changing technology, and I want my mine to have the ability to navigate through this world with confidence. Instead of allowing passive interaction with video games and media, my sons now use technology in creative ways; for learning, problem solving, research and connections, which is why we chose T4L.

Time 4 Learning's online program has an excellent Math and Language Arts curriculum and we've used the science and history lessons when they coincide with our other lessons. My sons are doing great work and no longer hate learning. When parents ask me to recommend a tutor for their child, I now refer them to Time 4 Learning. For about $20 per month a student can work through topics they are struggling with ~ at their convenience ~ for as many hours as necessary. Parents can easily check progress or find supplemental lessons that not only teach but also feel like fun. This program is worth trying whether you want a full curriculum or simply need a little help.

Any other helpful hints:
While this is a complete curriculum we have found that the science and history units are not as thorough as we like and use them as supplemental. In addition, my sons needed a lot of drilling practice to learn the multiplication tables so we took a week off and focused on that. They are now back to T4L math.

Review left December 30, 2010
Time: 3+ years

Your situation:
We just started homeschooling 3 years ago and we used this cartoon based math lessons for both our boys. We went through the lowest grades with my then 5th grader to find out where his gaps were. FOUND IT fractions! Finally he is understanding them more with the visualize lesson plans I always am happy to tell others about this program. I think it worked especially well for us.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
The only thing that I wish was a little better is the science and social studies. While it has some visual interest it doesn't teach the lessons the same way as the LA, LA ext and Math with the cartoon based characters. Other than that I can't say enough about it!

Any other helpful hints:
Great for visual learners or kids with ADHD, it keeps their attention.

Review left October 25, 2010
Time: 1 month

I was looking for an online web site for my kids for enrichment and after school. It is hard to get them to study during summer vacation, after school and during holidays. I was looking for a easy and fun way to learn where they are not bored while learning. I was tired of getting my kids finish their printed worksheets. I had to spend 20-30 min for to finish 5 min work.

This is a great online site for summer vacations, holidays, after school enrichment. Needless to say it is online, can be done from any where. My son is very sharp and a big lover of video/computer games. It was very hard for me to make him sit and write or finish some printed work sheets. I need to keep him occupied during summer vacation and also want them not to forget what they learned during the school year. After doing some research on the Google, I found the time4learning learning. I read the reviews and also took a look at the demos. I even made my kids take a look at the demos.

I tried the program for one month. I was able to get my son to the lessons and quizzes in this site. I made some rules like after some lessons and quizzes they get to go to the playground. And also I get parent reports about what they did and I told them about the parent reports. Both my kids enjoyed time4learning. They enjoyed the lessons as well as the play ground. My son wanted to do for long time. I was able to get them do the vocabulary with the easier lessons. Math and science lessons are also interesting. If they get bored with one they can switch and do other lessons. One month went by so quickly.

I reviewed many online programs and used some in the past with printable work sheets. I would say it is definitely worth for the money you spend $20 for month for all subjects and also the kind of lessons covered. If you are a busy parent and looking for an after school or enrichment program for your kids, you will find it very useful. And also the interactive programs and lessons gets the attention of kids and helps the young kids as well as old kids to learn in a fun way. It is only one month that my kids tried, but I am definitely going to try for my kids.

Haritha D
Review left October 4, 2010
Time: 2 weeks

Your situation:
Christian homeschooler of 2 children (girl & boy)

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
I have tried several different methods so far, to teach my children and, at the same time, keep them engaged and interested in the subject. I really like the different approaches used by this program because not only are they learning, but they are having fun doing it. They love the computer, so it makes it funner than just "normal" school... with worksheets and workbooks.

Any other helpful hints:
The program is great because you can customize it to the level your particular child needs.

Angela Williams
Review left October 5, 2009

Special review by Maria Miller, author of HomeschoolMath.net

... The math curriculum is very comprehensive as far as the topics covered. On each grade, there are activities for each of the five mathematics strands: Number Sense and Operations , Algebra, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Measurement, and Data Analysis and Probability. (On 8th grade, one can also choose algebra lessons).

Also the number of activities (or lessons) is quite large; it seemed to vary from around 50 to as high as 100 per grade. BUT, no matter which grade you're in, you ALSO get access to neighboring grades math curriculum, so actually you have hundreds of math activities at your disposal.

In the elementary grades, the lessons feature cartoon characters that are sure to appeal to little folks. The characters act as teachers, and...

Read the rest of my review of Time4Learning mathematics curriculum.

Time: 2 months

I homeschool my three sons. One of my sons is in k-12 virtual academy. The other two are on the waiting list for next year. I use time4learning to supplement their lessons. I truly love it.

My sons really enjoy this program because it is fun, animated and you recieve your score soon after the lesson. I have to pull my six year old away from the computer to take a break. He really loves it so much. My older son enjoys going to the playground. It is a bundle of online games included with the program so kids can take a break and be rewarded after each lesson.

If you child prefers to move through a lesson at their own pace then this may not be for them. The lessons are fun and moderatedly paced but you can not pause some lessons nor speed them up without losing vital info. You simply have to sit and move along with it. The science and social studies is less comprehensive and is better used as a supplement. Overall it is great and I will continue to use it and recommend it to others.

Cloretta Moore
Review left December 21, 2008
Time: 1 month

Your situation:
home school family of two boys age 6 and 9

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
I love the interactive lessons and the quizzes at the end. The boys are able to see right away if they did well and if they didn't it is very easy for them to go back and go through the lesson again. I love the parent reports that I can print any way I want and enjoy the fact that I am spending more one on one time with them; rather than grading papers.

Any other helpful hints:
Time4learning has helped us in several areas. Our oldest son is left handed and has had problems with writing mirror image and having a total book work curriculum was very difficult for him. Our youngest son's fine motor skills has not yet caught up to where he is educationally. Math especially has been an issue because even though both children are very good in Math, they struggle at writing the same problems over and over. In the T4L program they can go as fast or slowly as they need in order to grasp a concept or idea. T4L is computer based and is a point and click program that covers most areas of education. We have enjoyed every aspect of the program and the boys don't gripe now when they do have to work on supplemental writing projects.
The program has helped my youngest with his math, he can repeat examples and concepts as many times as he wants to be sure he understands it. My 9 year old enjoys the science and social studies and goes to those first but then will do extra lessons in language and math. The T4L math program does not require them to do 100 math problems but has printable lesson sheets in case they need more work in one area.
We were sold quickly after trying the Lesson Demos and the boys begged to do more after they finished. We have loved all of the programs with time4learning but I especially love the math lessons because they are interactive and enjoyable to watch. They sit still, pay attention and actually enjoy math now!

Tracy HB
Time: 1 month

Your situation:
I am in the position of directing a homeschool coop style program as the teaching adult for students from three different families. These students come to me because they were either falling through the cracks in their previous school or were likely to do so.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
Time4learning.com is a great supplemental tool for any individuals who are working with a variety of students at different grade levels. It can be hard to teach math or reading to a student who is at a 2nd grade level, a student who is at a 5th grade level, and a student who is at a 4th grade level all at the same time. By combining instruction using a more traditional curriculum with the great activities available at time4learning.com the teaching adult's time can be stretched to meet the needs of more students.

Any other helpful hints:
Time4learning.com has a relatively comprehensive curriculum in the core areas of math and language arts. They also have a science and history curriculum, but I would not suggest using time4learning.com as a complete science and history curriculum. With the amount of content that they currently have available in these subject areas it makes a much better supplemental resource. However, it is still well worth the cost of the subscription.

Eric Schroeder
Time: 4 months

Your situation:
I have a 7 then now 8 year old son. Who loves math. He has always been right at his level or above. We just had a baby and we needed something to do keep schooling going that would not need so much time from me.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
I love this program because it is so easy to use. My son can sign in on his own and go right to work. The directions are easy to follow. The graphics are very kid friendly. There are quizes and test that they take that you can check his work. If he does not score high enough on a quiz or test then he can do that section again. Until it clicks and he make a high enough score. Some sections even have print outs. My son is really doing great w/ this program. We use this as a supplement and it has been wonderful.

Any other helpful hints:
If you want a curriculum that is bright, colorful and easy to navigate. Time4Learning.com is the way to go. Time4Learning has a great way to keep track w/ the portfolio section that can be printed out for your potfolio that you might have to keep for homeschool records.

Brandy Strouse
Time: 6 months

We pulled my son out of public school because he was terribly bored. After several weeks of doing a ton of lesson prep myself I finally decided to try and fork out the money for Time4Learning. At $25/month, it took a big chunk out of my homeschooling budget, but it was/is well worth it.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
My son naturally likes computers, is a kinesthetic learner and is gifted. The gifted part is important because, for him, like for many gifted children, if his brain is moving, so is his body. You can imagine how well this went over in public school. He took right to the lessons. They are short, imaginative and captivating. I can put headphones on him to help block out the other distractions and he goes to town. The program lets him progress at his own rate, and can jump around a bit if he wants to say, focus on fractions. It also uses visual and auditory means to communicate the information. This helps for comprehension and retention. The only downside is that for some of the problems that really require a pencil and paper, the "instructor"/narrator does not tell them to do so. I found him one day struggling with double digit addition problems with regrouping---trying to do it in his head.

Any other helpful hints:
If you have a gifted child, this is a perfect program for them to really demonstrate their knowledge of the fundamentals. If your child has ADD/ADHD, you might want to preview it first, and let your child use headphones to make sure the activity on the screen captures their attention instead of distracting them.

Dawn-Elise Snipes
Time: 1 year

My son Jeremiah was having extreme difficulty learning. Shortly after his entering school in Arizona. My husband and I were devastated when we got a call from his teacher. It seemed his doing assignments and his behavior were a big problem. His teacher actually said that in her opinion, Jeremiah was functioning at a three year old level. We knew this couldn't be true.

They placed Jeremiah in a smaller class, but there were still too many distractions. However, the new teacher made this discovery; our son was very capable of learning and doing his work, especially during computer hour and while he was taught one-on-one. We held a meeting but the school was not staffed for one-on-one learning, so they placed him in the k-6 online program using CompassLearning. This is what he uses now in Michigan with Time4Learning.

After his assessment test, Jeremiah's teachers were amazed. He had scored above the requirements!
This is after being diagnosed with developmental delays, ADHD and oppositional behavior. He went from being classified as "functioning as a 3 yr. old" to scoring 80, 90, and 100% on all his assignments. We were thrilled!

Not only was our son able to focus on his work, he was able to retain the things learned. As parents, we could adjust the level of learning to suit his needs. My son is delighted to be using the program. With Time4Learning, the CompassLearning program is so easy to use, fun, affordable, and even better than the previous version. Jeremiah actually has to be reminded that his class time is over for the day, because he wants to stay on past his school time!

We plan on using the program for our next child as well. It is truly a joy to see our child go from 'struggling' to 'excelling', and to hear him say "Is it Time for Learning yet, Mommy?"

Like many other children, our son LOVES the animations, music and visiting the playground after his assignemnts are completed. My husband and I have used the timer as a reward feature, offering extra playground minutes. As parents you are able to cater the learning level to your child's needs, and view upcoming lessons.
The Dajos Family
Time: 4 months

Your situation:
We started using the Time4Learning.com website this past year. My children HATE math but now they look forward to getting on the Time4Learning website and trying different math games and learning new facts.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
I have noticed a marked improvement in their scores on the tests I give them and amazingly enough I too am getting better at math just from helping them with their lessons.

Any other helpful hints:
Time4Learning is a comprehensive curriculum (Try the demo lessons) that covers math and language arts. Most of the grades also have a bonus of social studies and science. They do have some printable worksheets, so your child does not have to do all their work online. Although we do not use this as our main curriculum, a parent could easily do so and cover the main facts their child needs to know for grade level.

Because my oldest has struggled with math so much, one thing that really impressed me was that they were willing to set her grade level where I wanted on each subject. She is ahead in Language Arts and behind in math and Time4Learning was able to accommodate those needs.

Their customer service is stellar. Anytime I've had a question or problem, they respond quickly and in a professional, the customer is always right, manner. Visit the parent forum.

My youngest enjoys the playground area at the site, which offers a variety of online educational games. She earns time at the playground by completing her lessons. I used to spend half my day arguing with the girls to do their work. Now, when we get into one of those moods where they want to argue, I just say, "Why don't we do Time4Learning?" They never argue about working on these lessons, so it has helped us accomplish more this year than we normally would. Let's face it, we want our children to do well but as homeschooling parents, it is sometimes a struggle to fit everything in by the end of the year. That doesn't mean they aren't learning valuable life lessons along the way, but at times they really do just need to learn math.

My oldest recently took a test so we could see where we were placement wise on math and she had gone up two grade levels this year. She is nearly caught up now and I'm sure with Time4Learning's help, she will continue to excel. I can't recommend this website highly enough. In addition to the benefits of learning, they track your child's progress so you have a record of his work. I print this off every few months and place it into their files I keep. While we don't have to keep these records in the state of Indiana, it is a nice reference to see what we've covered and how she's doing on a given subject.

It is not a Christian curriculum, but I have yet to find anything in it that disagrees with our family's beliefs. However, should we come across something, I would bring it to their attention and we would simply skip that section. The parent has the ability to review all lessons before the child completes them as well so that should prevent any surprises.

You can visit Time4Learning at Time4Learning.com to learn more about this wonderful curriculum or to sign up. Check out their free trial.

Lori Soard
Grade levels used:  Pre, 2nd, 5th
Time: 2 years

Time4Learning is an online curriculum. Actually, its more than that since it has a system for playing games but only after you do your work. Focusing on the math, I have experience with my kids at the preschool, 2nd, and 5th grade levels. The preschool is a systematic set of learning exercises which does patterns, quantity, numerals, features, greater/less than, shapes, etc etc. There are animated exercises and printable worksheets.

The second grade curriculum is more formal with each unit organized around a skill with lessons, interactive exercises, worksheets, and an assessment. Its a broad curriculum whose strength is covering the entire curriculum (arithmetic, measurement, data analysis, algebra, probability etc). In some places, I would like more repetition and depth as in the math facts.

The fifth grade still has elements of the fun and playful but not all of the lessons are truly animated, many are text-based with interactive exercises at this level. Again, the programs strength is that it is a self-running system which takes the kids from lesson to exercise to reinforcement to quiz. And it is a broad thorough curriculum.

Lisa Kinter
Grade levels used:  K-1st
Time: 1 month

My kindergartner has tremendously enjoyed the math activities at Time4Learning.com. We've explored both kindergarten and 1st grade topics, such as hundred chart, time, your 1/2 and 1/4 fractions, addition, number line jumps. One of her favorites was a pattern explorer where she could make colorful patterns on the hundred chart.

She just loves the idea of going to the playground afterwards (often with Daddy). She enjoys the lessons, too. The cartoonish animated characters and environment appeals to her well, plus the encouragement the program gives when she gets the thing right.

Sometimes she is also encouraged to "guess" instead of thinking, because there is no penalty for wrong answer. She actually likes the silly sound the program makes for wrong answer so she's purposefully answered wrong just to hear the sound.

Maria Miller

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