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Teaching Textbooks

Grades: 3-12      Teaching Textbooks

Teaching TextbooksTM is a math curriculum designed for independent learners. Each Teaching Textbook provides approximately 700 pages of text and 120 - 160 hours of teacher instruction on CD-ROMs, which is like a teacher and a textbook combined into one.

One of its main features is that it provides step-by-step explanations for every single problem in the book in a multimedia form. The books themselves also contain far more explanations than typical math books.

Both of the above features can be of enormous help to those homeschooling parents who do not know math well themselves.

The books include Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry, and grade-level packages from 3th through 7th grade.

Pricing: $119.90-$184.90 for each level, which includes textbooks, answer key, tests, and CDs.

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Reviews of Teaching Textbooks

Time: 1 month

Your situation: Our family decided as a whole that we would begin homeschooling because my son got really bored in school and had a hard time with concentration for long periods of time. When we homeschool we are able to have him do 30 min worth of work and then give him a little break. We decided to go with SOS for his main courses but Teaching Textbooks for math because I have heard it's easier to understand and goes through a lot of review (which really helps him to REALLY learn AND understand the problems). It was perfect for him since I KNEW his first 1.5 months he already did in school this year before we took him out, he didn't pay much attention too. It turned out to be a great thing!

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: Yes, the math does seem like it is 0.5 year to a year easier than what he was doing in school, but we find it great for our son who has trouble keeping his attention on one thing for too long. He feels great about always knowing what he's doing and I feel confident that as he goes into harder courses he will have a solid knowledge of math to work with, and that he actually understands. We were doing many lessons in a day but now only do one or two at the most. That has turned out to be a blessing for both of us! He was rushing through it just to get done if I had him do too many in one day. Going to just one or two, he takes his time, and because of that, he learns more! Seeing that there are 119 lessons in our math program, one lesson would work out great!

Any other helpful hints: Don't try to rush them through the lessons... Let them do one lesson a day so they take the time to really listen to the lecture and learn from it. Have them check how to do a wrong answer and make sure they really understand it before moving on. Each lesson grows on the previous one, so if they don't understand a previous one, they won't understand the new ones coming up.

Review left October 16, 2014
Level Teaching Textbooks 7 & Pre-Algebra
Time: 2 years

Your situation: In my 25 years of home education, I have looked at or used just about every math curriculum out there. I have yet to find one that is absolutely the "perfect" curriculum.

We used another mastery approach curriculum that I thought was really good, but I found it progressed too quickly for my son, and he was becoming frustrated and not getting enough practice with concepts before moving on.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: TT has been a real positive for our situation, and for my son who is more of a visual/auditory learner. I feel the curriculum could improve by giving some sort of supplemental practice problems for those who might need it. But overall, I am very happy with this curriculum, and plan to use it through Pre-Calc.

I also liked the automatic grading, so my son sees his mistakes right away, gets another shot at getting it right, and then can see an explanation of the problem if it is missed. This is a valuable tool! It also keeps a digital grade book that you can print out, which is great! Overall, I am very pleased with Teaching Textbooks!

I also like that I can re-sell TT. You can also purchase replacement discs if needed for a minimal fee. I wish their workbooks were made of a little better quality material, and I wish there were supplemental problems for more practice of a certain concept.

Any other helpful hints: Good for the average student and for those that need more instruction than just reading from a book. If you have an above average student, go with something a little more meaty like Foerster's, Systematic Mathematics, or ABeka.

I still don't think the perfect curriculum exists, because there are a wide variety of learners out there, but TT has been great for us, and for our situation!

Review left February 22, 2014
Time: 1 year

Your situation: I work outside the home and homeschool our kids with my husband's help. We selected an out of the box complete curriculum that we love. However, we noticed that both of my children needed some remedial help in their math in certain areas. We picked up a used copy of Teaching Textbooks Math 4 to see how the kids could integrate it into their overall math program. I've got to say, it fits in nicely!

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: Love this: We would do the online school for our kids then they would spend another 30 min on Teaching Textbook and wouldn't even complain. They just considered it extra practice (just note, my kids are coming from private/public school used to much longer school days so this isn't uncomfortable for them.) Also, having immediate access to the solutions was great. After a time, doing problems in their heads became easier.

Cons: I started evaluating Algebra 1 and 2 programs for my oldest and found when I compared Teaching Textbooks to other curriculums it was seriously lacking in the Algebra 2 areas. Therefore, I would greatly recommend that parents who have college bound students seek out other math programs and ONLY used TT for Algebra 1 / 2 as a Supplement. However, the Geometry program seemed very sound. I even reviewed the Pre-Calculus program which we are considering. We'd use Rapid Learning Pre-Calculas with it as a supplement though.

Any other helpful hints: You can use this up to Pre-Algebra as your main curriculum but if you need extra practice, and theory, then you'll have to supplement. Find another main math curriculum for Algebra 1 and 2, using TT only for extra practice. Pre-Calculus also appeared as though supplements for understanding would benefit most students.

Review left August 2, 2013
Time: 1 year

Your situation: We have 3 home school students: a 8th grader doing algebra, a 6th grader doing 6th grade math, and a 5th grader doing 6th grade math. We have been home schooling for 4 years. I believe that math is the most important subject. We have tried SOS, Aleks, Mammoth Math, Life Pacs, Saxon, and my own mix.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: WE LOVE TEACHING TEXTBOOKS!!! It does use a spiral and the lessons are taught on video. I wish they had a science as well. The only downfall is the cost and the inabilty to make a backup disc, but if you were to ask me if it were worth it, I would say YES.

Any other helpful hints: Make sure you take the placement test as it runs a little behind grade level till you get to algebra.

Review left October 24, 2012
Time: 5 years

Your situation: 3 children took Algebra 1,2 and Geometry; 2 took Pre-Calculus

Why you liked/didn't like the book: I can't address some of the objections as to math levels and mathematical thinking. I can only share my family's experience. Two of my children went through Singapore 6th grade and from that straight into TT Algebra 1 without a problem (that's a definite plug for Singapore!) They then went on through TT Pre-Calculus. They both scored 700 or higher on their SAT math. So something was right about the curriculum. The third child who took it, had struggled more with math and hadn't gotten as far in Singapore. She integrated the TT program easily and stopped feeling that math was hard. She did nicely on her ACT (don't remember the exact score. Not brilliant, but fine.) When she went to College she was the best student in her College Algebra class. So, again something is working with TT.

Any other helpful hints: Don't judge the outcome until the child has gone through the whole program!

LeeAnne Huling
Review left March 27, 2012
Time: 1 year

Your situation: I typed in the right answer to a problem like 1/4 +1/4 =1/2 it says it is not right but if you enter it a second time you get it right! And they make you do stuff the hard way when I looked the same thing up and it took 1/2 the time!

Why you liked/didn't like the book: They don't know what they are teaching!

Any other helpful hints: Make sure you have someone that knows math to see if your answer is actually right!

Review left December 16, 2011
Teaching Textbooks 4th grade

Time: 3 months

Your situation: Struggling child, falling behind in school.

Why you liked/didn't like the book: I love this program. I purchased it for my child who is rapidly falling behind in math. It starts REALLY basic, probably a little to basic but this has been okay for her to build speed and core knowledge. We can do 1-3 lessons per day and she's been able to do it all by herself. I've for sure noticed improvement in school as well. She was very excited when one subject was covered (and mastered) online then a few days later they started doing it in school--she's aced it which has been wonderful for her self esteem. We've paid tutors and spent months with them--only 20 minutes a night and a one time payment with the Teaching Textbooks have been way more helpful. I plan to purchase the next year edition and keep my child going on this as a supplement and reinforcement to what they are doing in school.

Review left December 9, 2011
Time: six months

I have a 10 year old daughter who dislikes math and we would have a power struggle everyday. She races through math just to have it done and over with. She would make many mistakes and be careless. Teaching textbooks is a good fit for her; she likes to do independent work and I can see on the gradebook if she is checking the solution when she gets it wrong... I require that she go back and check every solution for missed problems because this forces her to slow down, go back and be thorough. Thoroughness is not her strong suit. So, it is teaching her good habits but I can monitor it very easily because of the gradebook/checked solutions format that helps me keep her accountable for good study habits. I purchased levels 4, 5, 6, and 7 because she is behind but also needs to be able to go back to public school next year... other reviewers are right... TT misses concepts in grade levels so the grades do not correlate with state standards. But I think the format of the teaching is superior for those kids that have math anxiety and shut down... far superior than other products. So, basically, I use our public school's curriculum guide to plan her week and her lessons. I do not go in the order that they have; I follow the public school topics in the order they teach as much as possible. I also have K12 student worksheets for grade 5 to supplement. The extra effort is worth it becuase it is BUILDING my daughter's confidence and we have a much better teacher-student relationship. It is also giving her much review to build her confidence, and many people think this is a waste of time and they need to move on to more complex problems, but the review is so important for confidence building. It takes me about an hour a week to plan for the week, picking lessons and appropriate supplements, but it is SO WORTH IT---because I don't have the power struggle anymore... she does her work and enjoys it. I also figure that these books will be a great resource to have on hand for my other kids who are in the public schools... just pull it off the shelf and you have a personal tutor. I am planning on purchasing all of the curriculum for these reasons... geometry, pre algebra and algebra.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
It is slower and not on target grade-wise. I just purchased multiple grade levels to compensate, knowing that I can keep the product as a resource. Money well spent, I think.

Any other helpful hints:
I would supplement by checking state standards. I have my child do three 20 minute sessions of math, so a full hour for 5th grade... so she can potentially get three lessons done per day depending on the content. If she struggles in one lesson, I can instantly see it because of the gradebook. There is so much review in this material that I don't worry that she will be overwhelmed. She will get it eventually.

Jennifer McDonnell
Review left August 31, 2011
Teaching Textbooks 7

Time: 2 years

Your situation: I have a dyslexic child and a son who is very auditory and has some language weaknesses. I use Math U See up to 6th grade. Neither of my children were ready for Pre-Algebra in 7th grade. I used TT7 for both in the 7th grade - it is basically a review of all basic math. Since it is worded differently and in a different order than MUS, it really showed me what the weak spots were in my children and we spent extra time on those skills.

My dyslexic son ended up doing very well in pre- Algebra ( his tutor uses Glencoe, that is what our public schools use and it is more advanced that MUS or TT), I think the year 7TT reinforcement is what he needed for his math fluency and comfort .

My younger son just started and likes the format. He has to keep a log of what each lesson was about and write down what he missed and why. This reinforcement will be helpful to him thru the year.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
-The way it fit exactly as a review of all of MUS, that is basic math....
-The computer program was motivating to my kids, they liked the format
-The gradebook made it simple to keep up with their progress and it is easy to see what they did wrong on missed questions

Any other helpful hints: See what they are using in the quality public schools and private schools in your area. TT may or may not be challenging enough for high schoolers on a college track. Don't just listen to homeschool parent reviews - most homeschool parents do not have strong math backgrounds.

It may be perfect for those students who need remedial help, summer review, LD's etc.

Review left August 19, 2011
Time used: 5 years

Your situation: Homeschooling for 17 years
Two children graduated (ages 22 and 21)
One child left who will graduate June 2012

We used A Beka for the first 8 years for math and were pretty happy. Our son is a math genius and sailed through until 9th grade. We tried A Beka's 9th grade Algebra I and he struggled greatly. We then switched to a secular program, which was better, but not much. He had been using Apologia Science and kept saying that he wished that Apologia would write a math curriculum. We went to a convention and saw Teaching Textbooks for the first time. They even had a banner which said "The Apologia-like Math Curriculum"! Needless to say, we decided to try it. Our son loved it and once again sailed through math. He later took the SAT for college and completely aced the math section with a perfect score!!!! Our two daughter have also gone through all three years and despite not being math people, they have understood the concepts and have done well on the tests. I highly recommend Teaching Textbooks for high school math. It's awesome!!!!

Any other helpful hints: DVDs are useful, but not absolutely necessary. We did every year but one without the DVDs and were able to successfully complete the curriculum - and I am NOT a math person. The one year we did with the DVDs (on loan from a friend) was nice simply because I no longer had to sit down and try to figure out the reason an answer was wrong and how to correct it. Saved time and frustration, but if you want to save money instead - go ahead and just order the student text and answer key.

Ellen Gerwitz
Review left May 7, 2011
Time used: 1 year

I have 6 children, 2nd grade, 4th grade, 7th grade, preschoolers and toddler. Before homeschooling, I taught 7th grade math and Algebra 1 in a private school. We have tried Saxon, Developmental Math, and a few other workbooks. My oldest struggles with math, Saxon moves too fast for her and I don't enjoy teaching it. Although I do think Saxon is a very good math program.

I like Teaching Textbooks because my children have the option of using the computer or book or both. My kids are happy just using the textbook. I like the pace of the lessons and that it is still a spiral method, just not as fast paced as Saxon. I also like that it's one big book, and a small answer book and CDs, as opposed to a giant teacher's manual and 2 packs of worksheets like Saxon. It seems to not have as many tips when introducing math facts, other then saying they need to be memorized. I also wish it had a K, 1st and 2nd grade level. I will probably use Saxon to fill in with my youngest 3 kids until they reach grade 3 or TT comes out with more grade levels.

Any other helpful hints: If you use it, you will need to build in time for reviewing math facts. And if your kids are a math whiz, simply bump them up a grade for TT.

Review left May 2, 2011
Level: Teaching Textbooks 6
Time used: 5 years

This is excellent for a student who needs to hear things more than once to get it.

The audio visual is also good for cementing the concepts. We sat through some boring explanations, but I learned that my students could not verbalize back to me some basic math concepts or the understanding behind them and this helped to weed those out.

Extensive testing was done the first two weeks of public school when my son got to Calculus and he was shown to be lacking these things:
1-He did not have enough Trig background
2-He did not have the instant skills with the T89 calculator that the other kids who had taken Pre-Calc had. (T89 is difficult to use without specific instructions. You don't just pick it up and start using it)
3-He dropped down to Pre-Calc, but this is no big deal to us. Pre-Calc is reported to be harder than the Cal itself and he is doing excellent there with a great teacher.

What my son did have:
The teacher told me that he had better algebra/thinking skills than any of the other kids who remained in the AP Cal class. The teacher was amazed that he could figure out some of the problems on his own (it took him a long time) which the other students were all performing on their calculators. I think this goes with the TT author's goal of teaching for understanding as opposed to just getting through the course. I do not feel bad at all that he is taking a course labeled Pre-Cal twice because they are, in fact, two very different courses and that is what the instructor told me and my son confirms.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: I did like this series very much because the solutions to everything are a click away and the explanations that go with them are extremely thorough. I like that they get practice listening to a lecture, which is a skill they need for college. It is great for children who have learning disabilities such as ADD or dyslexia because it is multi-sensory and the lecture does not go too fast. It is much more effective if done with the parent (as all curriculum is)

An index would be nice.

The courses could probably be labeled differently by bumping them up a level. In other words Algebra 1/2 could be used for 6th graders, Algebra I is a very thorough Pre-Algebra course (7th grade), Algebra II is a great Algebra I course etc. I can't say about elementary courses because I never used them.

We did Algebra I, then II, and when my son did geometry, he also reviewed algebra at the same time by taking the tests again. This kept his algebra skills current while he did geometry, which is helpful when the standardized test is taken.

I really like this program. If it's too slow, bump it up.

I am also making flashcards to go with Pre-Algebra and orally quiz the concepts with the two boys I'm teaching. I would suggest this for any math program.

Review left October 6, 2010
Level: Teaching Textbooks 6
Time used: 1 month

Our grade 6 daughter struggles with math concepts. We love Saxon math, and our other two boys who understand it fine - but it is very difficult for her. She would be in tears trying to understand the concepts. I spent hours trying to show her different ways of doing problems to try to help her. It was becoming too difficult for us to manage, so we started TT6.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: We like it as almost a remedial program for a struggling student. She is gaining confidence and loving the program. The graphics and teaching are fun. The parent controls in the gradebook are very handy. She loves being able to check her gradebook as well. Everyday she is getting 90% or higher.
I would not recommend this for academic mathematical students, however for struggling students it is excellent and enables them to learn some math that they might not otherwise have learned.

Any other helpful hints: The grade 6 book we are using for our grade 6 daughter is excellent review after Saxon math. She is picking up on skills she missed before after not doing well. If your student is doing well, please put them in a grade ahead.

Review left September 22, 2010
Level: Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1
Time used: 1 year

We loved this curriculum until we looked at the Prentice Hall Algebra I book that the local high school was using. Then we realized that Teaching Textbooks Algebra I is way behind grade level! My son completed TT Algebra I and now is going through the Prentice Hall Algebra I book, to fill in the gaps, which are huge. This is taking him another 4-5 months! I had trusted Cathy Duffy's reviews of TT, and found I was wrong not to check it out more.
However, the method of Teaching Textbook is great -- the kids enjoyed doing it on their own, with access to the CD's and textbook.

Any other helpful hints: If your student is college bound and plans to take the SAT and/or enter public high school, I would not recommend this curriculum.

Cindy Stuckey
Review left August 20, 2010
Level: Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra and Geometry
Time used: 2 years

My oldest daughter did average to well in Abeka Algebra 1 but it was very labor intensive and the DVD for Algebra 2 was expensive and had to be returned (I could not use it for my other children). So, we used Saxon Algebra 2 and seriously thought about throwing the book and CD out the back door on several occasions, but completed it anyway. Then she took the ACT's and was barely above the national average. The next year she did TT Geometry and was thrilled with it. Her ACT score rose 3 points in Algebra and Geometry after completing TT Geometry. She has gone on to get a B in College Algebra -- a subject she had previously refused to EVER take. This daughter excelled in other challenging dual enrollment college course work. She was accepted into 6 major universities in our state and is now doing well in college as a sophomore. Even though algebra is still not her favorite subject, TT helped her get there. I have now used TT Pre-Algebra with my 12-year old and my 14-year old after they had used Abeka math for 7 years. They are thrilled with TT and that makes our homeschool a happier place for all of us. It is easier than Abeka but it is giving them the skills they need for college without the tears and frustration my older daughter went through in Saxon Algebra 2.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: My children found the lectures easy to understand and liked the man's sense of humor (if you homeschool you know this is important amidst the everyday toils high school homeschool involves.) There were no problems. We only used the the test solutions explanations once or twice the whole year but were glad to have them. With other curriculums we had to consult outside sources on occasion for higher math. TT saves us that frustration.

Any other helpful hints: Learn all you can about your kids and the different programs out there. Then find out what works for your family and do it! Never underestimate the power of prayer in your choice. Teach them to enjoy their work by enjoying yours. They grow up very fast.

Review left August 5, 2010
Level: Teaching Textbooks Geometry
Time used: 3 years

My son hated Math u See in pre-algebra :0. We started TT for Algebra 1 and continue via Algebra 2 and Geometry. His last year as a senior, he took College Algebra at our local college and aced it. (Not a tech school either) Cody excelled in Geometry on the ACT as well, was average in Algebra... (please realize this was his only B in all of high school). In summary, my son did well on testing, excelled in testing for Geometry, and made an A average in his first year of college algebra using Teaching Textbooks. I can't complain :)

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: No complaints, it does what is needed if used with all of high school math.

Kim Horne
Review left July 8, 2010
Time used: one year

Your situation: started homeschooling middle of last year, went through all the popular math currics, none work for my 10 yr old who is diagnosed with dyscalculia, this year we also decided to homeschool our 8 yr old.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: I will give the good first, this computer program has worked well for my 5th grader. We used the 4th grade cdroms. My son would cry at school during a math lesson and once we started homeschooling with Saxon and other like that he started banging his head on table, just pulling out the math book sent him into a major melt down. I am confident that this program is a perfect fit for my 10 yr old. 5 days a week he completes one lesson on his own without a fight. I did have to sit beside him for about three months everyday before he was confident on his own. I highly suggest this for kids that seem to have problems with math computations or have anxiety when you pull out a math book.

Now the bad, and this is really bad. I am a math tudor for several public school stundents. This program claims to be the best homeschool math for the 21st century, yet it is a good 2 yrs behind. When I called to ask about this, the lady just blew me off and laughed, "Our program follows state standards." I let her know that I am a math AND standardized tudor for 3 states. I explained that I loved their product; however they need to add so much. If you do use this product, contact your local school district and request a copy of their math standardized test prep. Each state gives each child a s.t.p workbook that has one or two questions that are required for that year. If you only use these product your child will not be considered grade level if you had to put them back in school or wanted them tested, for most homeschool families we are not concerned with "keeping up" with public school. I think those test prep workbooks are only helpful to children if you take time to go over each concept. All my students say that their teacher spent on day on several pages, one page can have up to 5 different concepts. If you can get one of these workbooks, talk your time, use the Teaching Textbooks for "happy time" math everyday and take one concept from the state standard workbook, go over it until your child really gets it. Homeschoolers are not slaves to government produced standards. We have learned that children and ready when they are ready, enforcing concepts too soon, too fast can change a child forever. My 5th grade students are doing stem and leaf proability graphs, which is not explored in this product. Also 5th grade students are required to know mode, median, average. This product has this in their 7th grade program.
To sum it up, my 5th grade LD student is doing the 4th grade lessons, my 2nd grade student is also using the 4th grade lessons. As with any homeschool product, it's not going to fit the perfect mold with state standards. If state standards worked for our kids, we would put them back in school.

Any other helpful hints: Know what is important to you. Do you want your child to pull out their laptop and do their math lesson on their own, then you can go back and check the grade book
do you want to keep up, keep up, until your child is banging their head on the table?

Review left February 12, 2010
Time used: 4 times

Your situation: Two of my home students have used TT products.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: Serious warning about the algebra courses: Both TT algebra 1 AND 2 must be completed in order to cover the material expected from any other math programs algebra I. In other words, Teaching Textbooks does not cover second year high school algebra, in spite of the claims made. I base this observation on what knowledgeable "math people" tell me, as well as on the different algebra program used by an older child.

The geometry course seemed "adequate" to my husband, who had taught geometry the previous year, using Jacobs' geometry (3rd edition). (He prefers Jacobs'.)

My daughter, who has severe math learning disabilities, is using TT for grade 5 this year. The content is, without question, appropriate for grade 4. Chunks of the material, sadly, is covered by many textbooks for grade 3.

At the risk of sounding unkind, I suspect that the families who rave about Teaching Textbooks are closing their eyes to the "too easy for the grade label" content. Of course a student would enjoy that !

The lessons truly are, nonetheless, designed for "self-learning". The product excels in this respect. All they need to do is to package the content for the appropriate grade level.

Any other helpful hints: Examine the materials thoroughly, either at a homeschool conference, or by borrowing materials owned by a friend.

Review left January 27, 2010
Time used: 4 months

I am a single homeschooling mom who works, too, so school curriculum has to be easy to use and not too time consuming to set up. We used and loved Math U See until 5th grade when they went to a full book on nothing but fractions. I understand the reason why they did that, but for my son it wasn't going to work. Then we tried Saxon with the DIVE CDs and eventually grew to hate it. Now we are using Teaching Textbooks, which incidentally, your site shows as only high school but they start in 6th grade now. My son is in 6th grade, but tested into 7th grade in Teaching Textbooks.

Teaching Textbooks has been wonderful for my son! While there is NO perfect curriculum of any kind that I have found yet, this is really good. The step by step approach to walking through every problem was perfect for him! If he gets a problem wrong, he has the option of reworking it or marking it wrong and seeing the solution done for him. After the second wrong attempt at the problem, it is counted wrong and he can choose to see the problem worked for him or go on to the next one. The only problem is that you can't go in and adjust anything that I have found. Occasionally he has only gotten part of the answer entered and bumped the enter key and got it counted wrong, and I can't fix that, which I don't like. He can work only half a lesson if that is what I assign for him without it giving him trouble. The computer grading is wonderful overall, and makes record keeping so much easier. I think that in order to get a true grade, you have to complete the whole lesson, though. With Saxon, we often worked only every other problem, but with TT, he has needed to do every problem anyway in order to master the concepts, so it hasn't been an issue. I think the amount of review on each concept is pretty appropriate, but there have been some holes that I had to fill in... like some basics that needed to be drilled more before going forward. It wasn't too time consuming to do that, however. I am not a math whiz, but I have been able to refresh my skills in watching these lectures when needed to help my son. There are some practice problems and about 20-21 regular problems in each lesson. Overall we really like Teaching Textbooks and would recommend it.

As with any program, you may occasionally have to watch the lectures to help your child through something. Don't expect it to do everything for you, but it comes close. Some of the ways they teach are different than I learned and seem harder, but it all gets you to the same answer.

Review left January 5, 2010
Time used: 3 months

I have a daughter with a processing disorder. She is almost 13 years old. Last year she made it almost through Bob Jones Grade 4 in Math. Then she got stuck on long division. I decided to buy Teaching Textbooks and hope that the visual part of that would fill in the gaps for her.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: I like TT. It does help students understand concepts in a clearer way. But there is a huge problem with these books. They are a year behind faith based homeschool curriculum. Grade 5 TT is exactly like Bob Jones Grade 4!

Any other helpful hints: If you are considering getting this program for the first time get a grade above where your child last placed if she was in a faith based program prior to this. Examples would be; Abeka, Christian Light Education, Bob Jones, etc. For a chapter to chapter comparison and a recommendation on how to fit this program in to your homeschool read my review at Blueberry House.

Mrs Darling
Review left October 15, 2009
Time used: 2 weeks

My son didn't like doing the math worksheets/workbooks and hated math. Up to this point, we had tried Saxon, Horizons, and Singapore math. They were all boring and tedious to him. We started using Teaching Textbooks this fall and we love it. Because the reviews said it tends to be a little easier than other curriculums, we are doing both 4th and 5th grade this year at the same time. It is very interactive with the CD, so he doesn't mind doing 2 or 3 lessons a day. He is in 4th grade, so next year he will be on schedule to do the 6th grade level. I can't say enough about this program. It has solved my math problem. He was falling behind last year because he hated it so, we weren't keeping up with the lessons.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: I love it because the CDs provide him with the interaction he needs and keeps it interesting for him. You can also go at your own pace and cover more lessons than just one on the days he's up for it.
These are also a great value, because if you've noticed the resale value on these is terrific. People tend to get at least 80% of what they originally paid for them when they resell them.
The 4th grade program is brand new this year, but it is even more interactive and entertaining than the other levels. Great for a young child.

Any other helpful hints: Consider bumping it up a level or do 2 years in one as it tends to be a little easy for the grade level.

Rebecca Morse
Review left August 22, 2009
Level: Algebra
Time: 5 years

I have 4 kids and they have all used Teaching Textbooks.

I never thought I would hear them say "Math was enjoyable" but with TT, that is exactly what they say. Not to mention they are all A students!

My children and I enjoyed every aspect of the Algebra lessons. I have recommended Teaching Textbooks to so many others. What an amazing product.

Review left August 24, 2009
Level: Algebra 2
Time: 1 year

I'm the mother of 8, 4 are now in college where they are all A students. I've used Saxon, Bob Jones Homesat, Chalkdust, and this past year with my 5th child Teaching Textbooks. The format was very student friendly. However when my daughter began to prepare for the ACT/SAT tests we realised I should have been more involved. Though she had completed the textbook there were several concepts the book had not even covered. We postponed her test covered those concepts with Chalkdust and Saxon and her scores were up to the level of her siblings. But the panic was palpable.

Please do not market this book as an Algebra 2 text. It does NOT include all the concepts normally taught in Algebra 2.

Review left June 3, 2009
Time: 2 months

This is my 3rd year homescholing and we have struggled w/ our Math curriculm.

We started Teaching Textbooks a couple months ago. My dd loves it! She finished it w/o complaints. Anytime she has a question shhe goes right to the computer and has it answered. Which is helpful when I am working w/ my 2 other children. My only problem is I wish they had 4th grade!

Any other helpful hints: It is a 30-day trial... try you won't send it back!

M Kern
Review left September 16, 2008
Level: Math 7
Time: 1 full year

I am a former professional electrical engineer with a master's degree, so I know math and feel comfortable teaching it. We had been using Math-U-See, but it was teacher intensive and we had a new baby this year, so I wanted something my daughter could use more independently. We had done 5 levels of Math-U-See, but when I compared the content against TT Math 7, I saw that more than 75 percent would be review for her. It was then I realized how advanced Math-U-See had been. Anyway, I thought the review would be good for her and she could do it by herself, so we went with it.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: Some of the word problems are ambiguous and at least two my daughter brought to my attention because she could not understand the solutions were just plain incorrect. What bothers me most about the mistakes is that they were not careless errors in calculation, but errors in mathematical thinking or expression. It made me wonder how many other errors my daughter was studying without knowing to ask me for a second opinion. The units on geometry she asked me about were also troublesome. In classifying triangles, the multiple choice questions ask the student to select one from scalene, isosceles, equilateral, acute, right, or obtuse that BEST describes the triangle pictured. At least two answers will always be correct, and how does "best" apply in this case? The answer is right or not. There is no meaning to "best" in this situation. Unfortunately, there were too many little instances like those, whenever I did get a look at the teaching, that made me wonder if the authors were really qualified to write math textbooks. The program format is fine, but the quality of instruction was a little lacking for my taste.

Any other helpful hints: If you are math-knowledgeable, you will not like this curriculum. Math-U-See is far superior, IMO, precisely because Steve Demme knows his math AND knows how to convey it.

Review left May 27, 2008
Level: Pre-algebra
Time: 1 year

Your situation: Two Children in pre-algebra--ages 11 and 13.

I have two children who are almost done with the pre-algebra text this year. We really like this program. It is not overwhelming and they get their math done in about 30-45 minutes time. We did take the pre-test to find out where they would place, and it put them in pre-algebra. We have found that the text is VERY slow for them, and I wonder if I wouldn't have been better off putting them in algebra. But I feel that it is probably better to go more slowly and get these concepts ingrained than to rush over it.

Any other helpful hints: Check through the text and see if you can skip some of the early lessons or at least just breeze over them quickly.

hs mom
Review left May 19, 2008
Level: Pre-Calculus
Time: seven months

I have home schooled our daughter since the beginning. I love math and we have used Modern Curriculum Press and ABeka until this year.

In our opinion, Teaching Textbooks should NOT have released this course without the solutions guide. Even though I love math and have done very well every other year, this book has been difficult without the solutions guide for assistance when uncertain. Also there is no index, which is frustrating.

Wait until they improve Pre-Calculus before buying. I emailed them with one question this year, and never got a response.

Kim Kowalik
Review left March 17, 2008
Level: Geometry
Time: half a year

I bought this product mainly for my benefit because I didn't want to have to figure out any questions that might come up. I knew I wouldn't have the time this year with an active change-of-life toddler in the house plus the middle schooler and the high schooler. (I sound like such a bad mother, but that's the truth of the matter. Mothering was a lot easier when I was younger!)

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: This product has really met and exceeded my expectations because, true to the author's claims, I don't have to do anything more than photocopy the tests and then grade them. BUT, I do think that it's too easy for our high schooler. This course takes a significant chunk of his study time, about an hour each day, but he's getting nearly everything correct and doing very well with it. He says it's kind of tedious to do because none of the examples make you think outside the box, they really are just repeats of the examples in the lessons. He says he likes the fact that the practice problems are so detailed. And he says he likes the lectures because they point out other information that isn't in the text lesson. Before I discourage you, I should mention that he's an advanced student who's been doing two maths this year, this geometry class, and Foerster's Algebra II and Trigonometry, which is a great deal harder than the other products currently available. (But I do have the solutions manual, so it's working for me too!) He's halfway done with the Geometry text and will definitely finish it before this school term ends, which is great because that will free up more time for SAT prep next school year. All in all, I like the product and am seriously considering adding the Pre-Algebra and Algebra I books to our home for our middle schooler, who is not as advanced with his math skills. (Besides, I doubt our toddler is going to get in much less mischief on a daily basis for at least another year or two, so I need the break this kind of product can afford me.)

Any other helpful hints: Yes, it is expensive, but remember that your time is worth something! If you are like me and you lack the time to do the problems with your child in order to figure out how or where he went wrong, then this may be just the thing for you.

Level: Algebra 2
Time: 6 months

Your situation: Co-op math teacher

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: It presents topics in a completely different order than any other Algebra II book I've seen. This is a problem when I am attempting to help struggling students by assigning additional problems since I cannot pull problems from other texts easily. Also, some very important Algebra II topics (functions, absolute value, inequalities) are left until the very end. I personally think not teaching synthetic division until the additional topics of Precalculus is just ridiculous. (My students agree after I showed them how much easier it is than long polynomial division.) The reordering of the topics makes it difficult to apply some standard solving techniques to help my struggling students. Some of my students are doing well with this product, but I have 3 or 4 students who are really struggling with this format.

Any other helpful hints: Because this does not cover all of the topics normally covered in an Algebra II course you will need to plan on staying with Teaching Textbooks through PreCalculus (where some of those topics are picked up). Do not assume your high schooler is going to be disciplined enough to watch the DVDs and the problem solutions without your guidance. The program does not work if you try to just read the text. (Word problems are only solved on the DVD).

Time only 1

Your situation: This was my 1st year using Teaching Textbooks; we've used Saxon before this year.

Hi, this is coming from a homeschool student. We have been using Saxon math up until this year, which I'm doing Algebra 2. This is the 1st year I've actually understood the math. Here are 2 reasons that it is so great: 1. They actually SHOW you how to do the problems, and 2. When you get a problem wrong, you can go back and the disc can show you how to do it, so you don't waste a lot of time trying to figure out something you would have never guessed. ;)

Time part of one year

My daughter has always loved and done well at math (this year she is 10 and is doing pre-agebra). Last year we decided to go with Saxon. She got bogged down by it, and began to hate math! We worked around some problems, added and subtracted things to help her through it. But it never "clicked". I couldn't pay that much, do so much work to try to get her to understand it, AND have it not work anymore! I heard about Teaching Textbooks and that it was written for Homeschoolers, which is what we are, so decided to try it.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: We have only done a few weeks of it so far, but it's a WORLD of difference for her. It's clearly explained, has step by step answers for every problem, and it clicked for her right away! She loves doing her math again, and is moving right along!

Any other helpful hints: They have a test you can do on-line that helps you figure out what level to start on. I also read reviews on-line written by people who had used it before. There was a wealth of info about it, some written by the students themselves! The student first watches the explanation of it (cd in computer), then does the work on paper. There is also a book, so the student can read along while the cd is playing if they wish.

Time 1 year

Your situation: My daughter is in 7th grade and will finish Algebra 1 this summer.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: Last year my daughter was ready for pre-algebra and we used a different curriculum. The highest math I took was algebra 2 so any time she needed help with pre-algebra I would have to set down and try to figure it out for her. Even the with the teachers book it would take time. Another homeschool mom recommended Teaching Textbooks to us and we tried it this year. We have loved it. She totally gets it now. The best part is that when she needs help she just pops in the CD and it's like having a tutor there with her. No more need for me to fumble around and try to figure it out. If she needs help she gets it right away and can move on.

Any other helpful hints: I would highly recommend Teaching Textbooks to people who feel their kids are reaching their parents math level. It's difficult to teach something that isn't like second nature to you. Let them use this curriculum and quickly get the help they need!

Grade levels used: Algebra 1 and 2
Time 2 years

Your situation: One child in Algebra 1 (she's in 8th grade) and one child in Algebra 2 (he's finishing up 11th)

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: These courses were recommended to me by a homeschool mom who was formally a Math teacher. My son struggled through AOP Algebra and several supplements, although he is very bright. These two courses are extremely good. The cost is a little expensive, the highest investment I've made. But I felt the math is so very important to nail down. They include CDs as well as textbooks and ALL the problems are given a complete solution. I'm so grateful to my friend for having suggested Teaching Textbooks to me.

Any other helpful hints: Although it's rather expensive, if you have more than one child, I would strongly consider this curriculum. I really feel it's even worth it for just one.

Patrice Berke

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