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Systematic Mathematics

Grades: 6, 7, Algebra 1, Algebra 2       Systematic Mathematics

Systematic Mathematics is a video-based home school math curriculum for middle school plus algebra. The core of the curriculum is the lesson DVDs, alongside which there are materials that you need to print from the accompanying CD.

Systematic Mathematics is based on the philosophy of understanding math, not just memorizing it. This makes long review lessons no longer necessary, allowing more material to be covered in a shorter time period.

The program is provided in so-called "modules", with names such as "Working with Fractions", "Using Rational Numbers", "Prime Factoring", "Decimals & Percent", "Algebra A", and so on. Each module comes in a 3-ring binder and systematically develops a particular concept with its attending applications. A module is typically 15 to 45 lessons in length and contains from two to four DVDs. The modules can also be put together in a manner to supply an entire year's curriculum.

Systematic Mathematics also provides some materials for elementary math. They sell a module for K-2, which is directed to the parents and guides them concerning when and how to teach various mathematical concepts. For grades 3-5, they sell Practical Arithmetic textbooks that were originally published in 1934.

Price: about $128-$138 per year

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Reviews of Systematic Mathematics

Time: It took my daughter two years

Your situation: My daughter used this curriculum in home schooling and loved math because of these. She ended up not completing with the curriculum past the second book to the end, because my husband became ill. She went back to mainstream public school where she could only get a B grade in pre-algebra, but actually said it was the teacher who did not know how to teach. Sadly, I agree with her summation, but would never tell her so. She went on-line for Pre-Algebra because I could not find this site back. She used Khan University. She managed to get the understanding and all on her own time. These math books are very much loved and appreciated. The next year in school she had A's in Algebra. This time she had a better teacher. Now she is doing Geometry in 10th Grade and getting B's, again. This time I think it is the curriculum and the speed at which it is taught.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: I would highly recommend these math books and dvd's and anything else they have now. The books are the perfect size and so is the print in them for the student. We had only the books and they made a remarkable difference in my daughters life. I did not have the dvd's so I also had to use spectrum math with. It was these books that made her love math so. She plans to do Algebra II and Pre-Calculus. Before she started these books, she hated math. 1 month in these books was a total transformation for her. These books with dvd's is something you would want. I am hoping they will start making and carrying math into Calculus.

Any other helpful hints: With these dvd's this wonderful curriculum would have been even better for us. Beginnings are very important. Love of math from these books have carried over into all other areas of math for my child. I have such a love and appreciation for this curriculum. I can not part with the books and plan to pass them on to my grandchildren.

Review left March 6, 2015
Your situation: Our son just returned to homeschooling, after one year back in the public school system. The large class size and fast paced introduction of math concepts were overwhelming and he was falling behind. More importantly, he felt frustrated and inadequate as a math student.

Why you liked/didn't like the book: We chose Systematic Mathematics because it taught the why of doing math, not just rushing through concepts and hoping they would stick. The DVD is good because my son is able to watch Mr. Ziegler do the math problem(s) and is able to stop, or backup if needed. The worksheets are on CD, so you can print as many as needed. I recommend this curriculum to anyone who has a child who is discouraged with math, at any level. Our son has actually begun to say things like, "Math is fun" or "I like doing math". When he says that I know he will remember what he's been taught

Michele Tubbs
Review left February 9, 2012
Time: 1 semester

Your situation: I've been home educating for over 20 years, and currently educating my 6th grader. I've tried various other math curricula, but this is the only one that he seems to be really understanding.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
*Covers things systematically--'old school' before all the 'modern' math. I would equate it with the way phonics used to be taught and built upon.
*Taught by a former Public School teacher in the days before modern math, and he wrote this curriculum in frustration over what he saw and didn't like in modern math textbooks.
*Short lessons
*Can be used over and over by more than one student in the family, so is cost effective
*Teacher isn't drab and boring

*Would like to see some of the answers completely worked out in the answer key--just for speed on my part as the teacher checking the work.
*DVD's are pretty basic (not professional), but this doesn't really bother us too much
*Would like to see the worksheets offered already printed out in workbook form--right now you print off the worksheets on the computer as a pdf file.

Any other helpful hints:
This has been great for us so far, and we have used a lot of different math programs through the years. This one fits my students needs great so far!

Review left January 11, 2012
Time: 2 years

Your situation: I had trouble doing math and I was falling behind! I was using AOP SOS Math, Teaching Textbooks, tried using Math Mammoth but I can't say that they worked for me.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: There is NO textbook required and you can print as many worksheets as you want. Just watch the DVD and print out the worksheet or test. Mr. Ziegler (the teacher) is better at explaining things than many teachers. The price is very good for people with not much money. I now understand math much more than before, not just remembering what to do.

Any other helpful hints:

Matthew Kwan
Review left June 19, 2011
Time: 2 years

My son was dropping further and further behind in math. He was close to 3 years behind. We used Abeka math and Saxon math and although I don't see any problems with those curricula, he was not able to grasp the mathematic principles and complete the work. His math skills (math facts) were fine, he just couldn't understand the processes especially for word problems.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: After 1 year of intense "catch up" in math we have come to within 1 year of where he should be and with all A's and B's on exams. He really appreciates being able to see someone work the problems and being able to review the processes has really helped him. Mr. Ziegler (the teacher) makes everything easy to understand and teaches the why's and not just the how's to understanding and mastering math.

Any other helpful hints:
Another great thing about this curriculum is that I can use it with all of my children. The worksheets are all on a cd rom and can be printed as many times as you need it to be.

Scot Dyess
Review left September 21, 2010
Grade: Algebra
Time: 2 years

Your situation: Algebra (beyond the very basics) was a painful process for my son and I. To this point, he had been a great math student. By the end of Algebra 2 he had given up. We were using Video Text at the time, after having used Key To. I knew I couldn't take the same approach with my younger daughter, and when I read a review for Systematic Mathematics, decided to give it a try.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: This is a DVD curriculum with cds for printing off worksheets and tests, as needed. In comparison, it's fairly inexpensive. It is truly systematic in approach, never giving the student too much information at once. We were able to go through lessons, start to finish, in about 30 minutes. No tears, no frustration.
The writer is a former public school math teacher who realized new methods weren't getting the job done. This was the answer for our family.

You can purchase individual modules, instead of buying the whole curriculum at once. On a couple of occasions I had questions. Very promptly, I received either an email reply or a personal phone call.

Tammy Wurtz

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