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Quarter Mile Math Software

Grades: K - pre-algebra      TheQuarterMile.com

The Quarter Mile Math is a math practice software with a self-competitive race format.

When a student answers a problem correctly, the next one appears instantly. Correct answers accelerate their car or riderless horse in real time as they race against their previous best five races. They see their progress race after race after race.

The software includes problems not only for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division but also for estimation, fraction & decimal arithmetic, percents, integers, and simple equations.

Price: download version $2.95 per month/$19.95 per year. CD versions $39.95 for one level; bundle versions $64.95 or $89.95.

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Reviews of The Quarter Mile Math software

Your situation: Three children.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: Timed competition. Ancient graphics.

Any other helpful hints: Quarter Mile has no 'computer game' element to it; boring.

tom hrit
Review left September 24, 2012
Your situation: Used for math fact review with a 3rd grader and 4th grader.

My kids were bored to death with this math program. It has very outdated graphics and not many options. They played it once. A complete waste of money for us.

Review left March 31, 2010
Time: 2 years

Your situation: Homeschooler of First Grader and Preschooler.

I purchased Quarter Mile Math based on all the positive reviews, but I must say I am disappointed with the outdatedness of this software. It looks like it was written for a computer from the late 80's or 90's. When we use it on our XP PC it will often quit working after 5 or 6 races, requiring us to escape and load the program again. It also needs to run off the disk every time. This is not a worthwhile program.

I recommend taking the $40 for this program and investing in Flashmaster, which is more than just flashcard practice, but also incorporates timed drills. The great thing about Flashmaster is that it is completely portable - kids can be honing their arithmetic skills anywhere - in the car, etc. and not to tied to the computer.

Review left Dcember 29, 2008
Time: one year

Your situation: Homeschooling two. The other two in public school.

Did Like:
We enjoy this program. It is easy to use and fun for the kids. We have the 9th grader using it to work on typing and addition (he is functioning at a 1st/2nd grade level). The 7th/5th/4th graders are using it to supplement the public school programs or homeschool prgrams with multiplication/division/mental addition and subraction/fractions/algebraic equations.

Didn't Like:
For one of my children, it is not the best program . This child doesn't do well under pressure and is somewhat of a perfectionist. The competitive nature of the horses and cars is something he doesn't care for although he enjoys beating his own times. The other three kids find the competitive part enjoyable.

Overall, I would recommend it if you want a program that needs no parent oversight and gives the kids a chance to learn basic math with speed WITHOUT having to make paper copies or use a book and clock. The program corrects the child and unless the child is quite young, the he/she can program it to give any type of problems without parent needing to help. I usually set a timer next to the computer and the child sets up the program and the timer (we do 15 or 30 minute intervals depending on child). We used the web based program (vs. disc only) and it is working well.

Review left April 30, 2008
Your situation: Homeschool parent of a 7th grader.

I love the QuarterMile software. This software is designed to help a student develop computational automaticity. The premise is that a student is riding a horse or a driving a race car, to go forward the student answers a math fact correctly. The faster the correct answers, the faster the horse/car. There are several other horses/cars on the race course and they travel at the speed of the student's past top performances. The student is racing to beat his own time!

Any other helpful hints: This can be addictive, consider using a timer to limit computer time.

Martha de Forest

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