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Professor B Mathematics Program

Grades: K-5 + Algebra      Professor B

Professor B math program condenses the arithmetical content traditionally spread over seven to eight years into three levels. It is an "ungraded" program and does not follow a traditional track in teaching math. For instance, typical standards include numbers in the trillions in grade four or five. Professor B Level 1 has a kindergarten child reading numbers in the trillions and a second grader can be adding and subtracting numbers in the trillions.

The program is available in two different formats:

1. Mathematics Power Learning for Children
Utilizes three teacher manuals, three workbooks, and a charts book.

2. Instant Master Teacher
Utilizes three CDs and three workbooks.

The program claims that children can Master seventh grade math by third to fourth grade. Learning math at such an accelerated pace is achieved by using story-telling. In their own words, the secret "is the way of verbalizing explanations that enable children to understand a topic the first time they experience it".

Mathematics Power Learning for Children, books 1-3 $25 eacy. Workbooks $13.95 each.
Power Algebra books (I-III) $75 each.

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Reviews of Professor B Math Program

Professor B Power Algebra
Time: 2 years

Your situation: I am a homeschool mom and a former high school mathematics teacher.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: I loved this curriculum because it allowed students and parents to really learn what they were doing instead of just learning "how to do the steps." I also used it for a homeschool math class that I taught. However, as great as the text is, the solutions are filled with errors. Students and parents were calling me daily complaining that the answer keys had to be wrong. When I checked them myself, I agreed. In fact, there were so many typos and errors that the students no longer could trust the answers at all. One section had errors in more than 50% of the problems. I contacted the company three years ago and they still have not corrected the problem.

Any other helpful hints: Although the text is excellent and really teaches the subject matter well, the solutions are terrible. If you use this product, be prepared to have a qualified mathematician correct your student's answers. You cannot rely on the answers provided.

Karyn Harrelson

Review left January 30, 2014
Time: a few months

Your situation: We have been using professor B for a few months and our son is doing really well but finding it boring and not "fun." We were looking for a curriculum with more manipulatives that we could supplement it with. We don't want a lot more paper work though as he is young and we want it to be fun. From what we can see, Rightstart math looks like it would be fun and no much paper work.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: Our son is learning lots very fast but is finding it a bit dry and boring. Although it uses fingers as manipulatives it doesn't seem to be enough.

Any other helpful hints: Great curriculum but may need to supplement it with some more manipulatives if your child is geared that way.


Review left May 19, 2013
Grade levels used:  Level 1 and 2
Time: 2 years

Actually, I am a fifth grade math teacher in the great state of Georgia. In our school, we were experiencing some math challenges in our school. We instituted the Professor B methodology of instructing mathematics (Using levels 1 and 2...for K-5) and our results were amazing! In one year, we were able to increase our math scores by an amazing 24%! Particularly, in fifth grade, we experienced a 65% increase in our scores and were able to get over 44% of our students to exceed the state standard on the mathematics exam! This is truly and amazing product.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: I loved both books (Levels 1 and 2). The manner in which the information is presented and the advanced pace of instruction allows students to master a barrage of skills...some that are not even covered in the students particular grade. At the end of the day, students have a solid number-sense and their computational abilities begin to become more and more engrained in their critical thinking. If you are home-schooling or actually in the classroom, this product is a must for elementary math students.

Stephen G. Davis

Review left November 21, 2009
Grade levels used:  K-1
Time: 2 years

I found this book in a used bookstore when I was looking for curriculum for future years. I glanced over it quickly and bought it, thinking it'd have some interesting math tricks.

My daughter was 4 at the time and I read through the first chapter. It showed a method of teaching with fingers as manipulatives. I still wasn't thinking of it as a math curriculum but some interesting math tricks. So I did lesson one with my daughter (age 4) when waiting in line at the grocery store and during errands and thought not much more of it.. till I got upset one day. I had started with a 10 dollar bill and lost some money somewhere. I verbally went through my day... saying how I had spent 5 dollars at one place and 1 here, three there... My 4yo was listening and piped up "Mommy, that means you should have 2 dollars left! Can I have one?" It was then I realized these 'math tricks' had taught my daughter more in a few minutes waiting in line than I ever imagined they could. We love the curriculum and use it as our main Math program. It just makes sense, rather than being a struggle to learn math.

This program doesn't teach time, measurement, or counting money, I have found these easy to teach in real life situations plus a couple $1 workbooks from the Dollar Tree.


Review left March 10, 2008
Grade levels used:  K-5 and algebra
Time: currently

This is a fantastic, very quick to grasp concepts in Kindergarten Math through Algebra. My kids have never caught on as well as they did with this program. They are flying through it. I have let them watch the teachers videos, because he explains it soooooo well. I have not problem with them having access to all the program has in it. The vidoes and workbooks will let you fly. It is an amazing program. My kids love this program. Even difficult concepts seems easy with this program.

Grade levels used:  K-3
Time: a few days

A few days ago I was a desperate mom about to send her son to a special school or to Kumon as many curriculums have passed through our house and to no avail.
I thought my son was doomed to never know his facts or ever excel in anything academic but especially math.
I myself feel rather deficient in math. Well my whole family (9 yrs, 6 yrs and 5 yrs) knows the 10 facts now and my son is starting to get math now.
My younger ones are just soaking it up and teaching daddy all the games and activities and my husband's jaws drop in amazement.
I have hope for my son now.
I just wanted to let you know there is a support email list called
u-prREMOVE SPAM[email protected]. Come visit us there and there is also plenty of files to give you further picture of this method.


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