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Reviews of Practical Arithmetics by Strayer, Upton

Time: 8 months

Your situation: I have wanted to learn or relearn arithmetic. I searched for curricula where for home school or school. I finally found out about Practical Arithmetics from the Systemath website. I'm so glad I discovered these books. I have all three books.

I used this as a refresher and learned new ways to do problems that I didn't know of before.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: I love it these book really fit my learning style. They are so different from modern arithmetic textbooks. You learn a lot in just a few pages unlike most new textbooks.

As I am an adult I know this is about kids. Let me just say that my cousin visiting during the summer looked at the 6th grade book and said no way. We aren't even on any of these things yet. But he later did the 3rd and 4th and liked it very much. This summer I may get him on the 5th and 6th.

What's so great are the real life word problems. The suggestions of games are also a plus.

Any other helpful hints: I would definitely say try to keep these books to the grades that they are for Red book 3rd 4th, Yellow book 5th and 6th and blue book 7th and 8th.

Review left April 10, 2014
Time: 1 year

I have been around through many math curriculums with little success. I wanted my kids to be able to use math - as in story problems as well as be proficient in the 4 functions.

Why you liked/didn't like the book: Practical Arithmetics has worked really well for my quick math learner and my slow math learner. They have all learned tons about story problems in 1 year. The order of things learned is a bit different than other programs - you learn to do multiplication of several digits by 1 digit and division by 1 digit numbers 1 year and then multiplication by several digits and division by several digit numbers the next year. But it\'s all covered if you stick with it.
The program goes through 8th grade - not just elementary.
You do have to copy problems from the book onto notebook paper but I find this an important skill in itself. We have had a great year with it and are pressing on for another year.

Any other helpful hints:
I started what is called the 3rd grade level in 4th. It starts with basic adding and subtracting (basically at the beginning of math) but we were past this so we skipped through to where we were. I skipped some problems on most pages. I didn\'t think 30 problems were necessary to get it. I also bought a book for each child and a book stand so they can put it in there and it stays open easily to their page. They wrote their work in composition books.

Review left May, 2010
Grade levels used: 3 and 4
Time some in the 2006/2007 school year

Your situation: Our oldest daughter was having difficulty in math. We began first grade with Saxon and switched to Abecka in second. She claimed to "like "Abecka because of its colored pages and Bible verses scattered throughout. I did not, however notice an imporvement in her abilities. By this point in her young educational pursuits, she was behind.
I happened to read an advertisement about Systematic Mathematics. The gentleman who began this company was a math teacher in public schools and worked through the introduction of New Math into America's schools.

Why you liked/didn't like the book: Reasonably priced @ $14.00 Practical Arithmetics originally was copyrighted in 1928. It's a plain hardback and all work must be done on speperate sheets of paper. There's nothing exciting about the book except that it is very solid and expects students to master facts before moving on.

Any other helpful hints:
If you see your student progressing in grade level, but without solid and quick/second-nature grasp on the basic facts, I highly recommend visiting this site: www.systemath.com.

Susan Review left March, 2007

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