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Moving With Math

Moving with Math® has fully balanced manipulative-based math programs for home school families to use with ease and confidence. Both Math by Topic and Connections teach the same objectives in the same way – manipulatives followed by practice. They both have easy-to-use teacher guides with lesson plans, pre- and post-tests, daily reviews, reteaching pages, and games. Pacing Calendars are provided to organize instruction and save planning time.

The user friendly Teacher Guides provide step-by-step instructions for using manipulatives in each lesson. Illustrations in the Student Books reinforce the activities. No previous experience with manipulatives is necessary.

Pricing. Please note the order pages lists mostly products geared to classroom usage (such as classroom sets), but when you scroll down, it also lists individual student books for $6.95 to $9.95.

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Reviews of Moving With Math curriculum

Grade levels used:1st till 6th
Time: 5 years, with 2 children

I have two children that we started homeschooling when they were entering 1st & 3rd grades. We found MWM at the beginning and love it!

I love this curriculum because it gives a wonderful balance of drill and practice with plenty of hands-on manipulative work for those students who need that. I have an elementary educ. background and wish I had had something like this back when I taught in public school. It is very user friendly once you figure out all the components, and the 2-year set up makes it easy to go at the learners pace. I also like that it has review work included so that the students constantly see concepts covered earlier throughout the year so that they are less likely to forget. I also like that it didn't give the student 45 problems to do each day, like some curriculums do -- most of the time that is merely busy work -- if they can do 10 - 15 problems they can do 45, so why waste their time! I also found that as my children have gotten older, they are often able to follow the example at the top of the page and do the assignment with little or no instruction from me. I also like that when they introduce a topic they teach it for mastery, rather than merely exposing the student to it with the purpose of going back to it later as other curriculums tend to do. This makes for a more solid foundation.

We used this all the way through the 6th grade level and then switched to another program for higher level math. My son has done a wonderful job with the transition with no apparent gaps. He had a solid foundation to go on and is now actually working a year ahead of his grade in math.

D. Smith
Review left April 15, 2009
Grade levels used:K-8
Time: about 8 years

I've used Moving With Math for three different children, one in grades 3-7, one for grades 7-8, and one for grades K-3, so I'm pretty familiar with this curriculum.

Pro: The organization into discrete Learning Objectives makes it easy for me to supplement; I also like the pretests and post-tests, which make it easy to know what topics to focus on. The included review tests help strike a nice balance between a "spiral" and a "topical" math curriculum. The suggestions for manipulatives are helpful, especially at the lower levels. The curriculum is relatively inexpensive.
Con: The artwork is really lame; the Teacher's Guides vary a lot from one level to the next; the work asked of the 7th and 8th graders is not very challenging. By level: The Kindergarten level can easily be the basis for your whole curriculum, because it uses a lot of cross-curricular material, and has an extremely detailed teacher's manual. The Level A, B, and D teacher's manuals are very minimal. The Level C teacher's manual is excellent.

Any other helpful hints:
Consider whether the reproducible or consumable version of the "Skill Builders" book is a better value for you.

Dianna McMenamin
Grade levels used:5th-6th
Time: 1 year

Wonderful! Used it with my child who was reluctant and he begged to do more math. I loved the games and illustrations. Especially loved it when my child said, "Why does everyone think decimals and percentages are so hard?" Book explained teaching tools and methods. Loved the "logic" to the teaching. Made it simple. Wish my teacher had this when I was a kid.

Cindy Taylor

Grade levels used:2
Time: 6 months

Moving With Math is a wonderful math program. It is extremely easy to use, and helps parents understand which skills their children still need to work on. It breaks difficult concepts into easy, non-threatening baby steps so that children understand the "why" and the "how". It also incorporates literature and reading with math! If you are looking for a math curriculum, go to the Moving With Math website and order a catalog and sample curriculum. You will love it!

Nancy Nelson

Grade levels used:Primary 1
Time: 3 months

I love the variety of activities and interest this program adds. I could easily spend 2 hours/day on math if we did everything, but we pick and choose from the activites to maintain variety. There is a very brief daily review to ensure nothing is learned then forgotten, oral at first (for first grade). My child had poor fine motor (so couldn't do the workbooks for some curriculums) and is easily bored with repetitive work. This curriculum provided games, drawing assignments, books, manipulative play, journal writing, and other activities. It added the breadth we needed.

It is written with directions for a classroom teacher, but with the exception of a few lesson introductions that suggest a class participation activity, it doesn't matter.

Deidre Hemphill

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