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Grades: 1-12       Mathletics.com

Mathletics is an online math practice system for K-12 that includes:

  • a regular "curriculum" section where you practice various kinds of math problems;
  • a Live Mathletics section where you race with math problems against other kids around the world;
  • Rainforest Maths - a separate website filled with math activities; and
  • a parent center with yet more resources such as printable workbooks and videos.

I have written a comprehensive review of Mathletics with screenshots and detailed descriptions.

Pricing: subscription service $59 a year.

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Reviews of Mathletics

I am a child on "Mathletics" and I think it is the best thing my school done!

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: Because it's so educational!

Any other helpful hints: Just play and have the most fun possible!

Emily James
Review left May 1, 2012
Time 7 months

Your situation: Daughter attends main stream school. Just finished year 1. (Age 6)

Daughter loves mathletics and also spelladrome. She likes to also do the easy and harder tasks. Spellodrome is set at her level and she enjoys trying to spell new words which are not on her school spelling list. I expect her to do 1 maths challenge and 1 spellodrome challenge a day and to do 1 live mathletics which helps with number bonds. Often she does more and is pleased with herself for learning new concepts. Over the holidays moved on to year 2 which she is finding more challenging but picking up very quickly. She has managed to learn to tell the time properly (including minutes) within a week and her comment was "Oh, that's what the minute lines mean." (been telling her for months). She does the work on her own and saves each piece we then go through it and discuss the concepts to make sure she understands it, the next time she repeats the ones she has not got 100% on. If she is still struggling on that area I sit down and go through it with her while doing the program.

Highly recomend Mathletics and spellodrome.

Any other helpful hints: Click on all areas to find out what can be acheived it was 3 months before we realised there was the easier and harder sections. Easier sections are from a level below and harder sections a level above. When moving up a level some areas are repeated but these are highlighted as being completed so you know where the child is.

Review left September 1, 2009

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