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Mathematics for Elementary School by Tokyo Shoseki

Mathematics for Elementary School is a Japanese textbook & workbook series that has been translated into English.

These textbooks were written by Japanese mathematics educators, mathematicians, and accomplished Lesson Study practitioners. The books introduce a limited number of topics each year, and go beyond procedural to conceptual understanding. They definitely remind you of Singapore Math. The topics covered end up being a bit ahead of typical US curricula towards the latter years of the elementary.

Prices: Textbooks about $25 per grades 1-6, and $35 per grades (7-9); workbooks about $23 per grade.

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Review of Mathematics for Elementary School

I am sort of a partial homeschooler. I know the math instruction in the public school my 3 sons attend is subpar, and so I supplement it with 45 mins of my own instruction at night.

I recently discovered elementary Japanese textbooks and workbooks that have been translated into English. I bought them out of curiosity and I was total blown away by how incredibly well written and organized they are. AND, they are very inexpensive!

You can look at sample pages and purchase them at www.globaledresources.com. Make sure you purchase both the workbooks and the textbooks; the textbooks explain the topics whereas the workbooks assume the student and especially the parent understand the material.

Also, to supplement the very early grades, I'd suggest the beginning levels of rightstart math at www.rightstartmath.com. They teach the very basic but incredibly important number concepts in the very early ages such as counting in the Japanese "place value" way e.g. nine, 1 ten, 1 ten 1, 1 ten 2...1 ten 9, 2 tens, etc.

David Smith
Review left February 19, 2009

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