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Math Inspirations curriculum

Math Inspirations offers online courses and workshops that help you move away from memorized and regurgitated math to a higher, inspired math experience. The company believes in the right and potential of every individual to think, reason, and problem solve for themselves. From their website you can order a free starter kit that has a math games book and teaching guides.

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Review of Math Inspirations

Time: 1 year

Your situation: I have 5 children that are at home, a 3rd grader, a 2nd grader, a 1st grader, a Preschooler and a Toddler, and it seems that each of my children learn in totally different ways. Math Inspirations has solved that problem for me! It has worked wonders for all of my children!

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: I love Math Inspirations because they use the Discovery Method to teach math. The Discovery Method allows my children to discover math their own way. It faciliates thinking and helps my children to really understand mathmatical problems. It has my 3rd grader writing his own theorems and then proving them. Plus they use a lot of games, which my kids think are great!

Any other helpful hints: If you go to their website (https://mathinspirations.com) they have a free games packet and free webinar that helps you to get a better feel of what they offer before you have to buy anything! I always love trying things out before I commit (though I'm super glad I committed!!). Good Luck!!

Allison Ralphs

Review left September 20, 2014

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