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Math on the Level curriculum

Grades:K-8      Math on the Level

Math on the Level is a very different approach to teaching math. It covers pre-school through pre-algebra in one complete curriculum. It is neither a textbook nor a workbook approach.

The topics are grouped and sequenced into four full-color teaching guides (Operations, Money and Decimals, Geometry and Measurements, and Fractions) but not grade-leveled. Instead, the curriculum gives the parents the tools they need to teach any math topic, and it encourages teaching each child at his or her own maturation level and pace.

The lessons and the Math Adventures (one of the seven volumes) emphasize teaching math through normal daily activities, and the curriculum is filled with ideas on how to teach math while shopping, traveling around, cooking, or playing games. This family-life focus makes it very easy to include math in unit studies (like Konos).

The grouping of topics and the flexibility to choose when to teach a topic facilitate teaching all of one's children together if desired. Instructions are concise and conversational, and often several approaches are given for teaching difficult topics (reflecting Carlita's special ed background).

Another key distinctive is that Math on the Level uses an individualized review system. In place of the conventional pages of generalized practice problems, its review system uses only 5 problems a day that are solved independently. These 5-A-Day problems are chosen to provide continual practice to each child of every math concept he or she has ever learned, at a pace that is best for the child but at least once every 3 weeks for the entire program.

This "practice makes permanent" approach keeps the child sharp in math and seals the learning for the long term without gaps. After a child has completed the program, he or she will have a strong math foundation and be ready to start Algebra 1.

Math on the Level is cost effective, particularly for large families, since the one curriculum can be used to teach all children in the family from pre-K through pre-algebra.

Pricing: The whole set (covers K-8): $295.

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Reviews of Math On the Level curriculum

Time: 1 month

We had tried several math programs and my boys still had difficulty with learning math concepts. They did not like the workbook/textbook concept and drilling that was involved in all the programs we tried. I then heard about MOTL from Carlita (author of MOTL). I joined their very supportive/helpful e-group and found that this program would be very helpful for my boys and their learning abilities. We LOVE MOTL and I will never go back to looking at or teaching math the same way ever again. I never thought a program like MOTL could change my whole outlook on teaching my children but it actually has. The methods taught through MOTL can be spread into all subjects/concepts in your home learning. I have done so and we are doing wonderful in all areas of study.

MOTL is very straightforward. The way the program is designed allows for flexibility although also has a suggested sequence for learners, which I preferred to use. The books are broken down by subject and are very easy to understand. I have learned along with my children and I just love the program.

Any other helpful hints:
Anyone considering this curriculum might be concerned about the levels addressed K-8 can be quite vast, but rest assurred the program covers most if not all areas. Consistent support is also gained from Carlita's Yahoo group which is very active and encouraging.

Tracey Desrochers
Review left March 27, 2009
Time: 9 months

I am a homeschooling mom of 4. I love math and have been looking for a program that will instill that love in my kids.

I loved this curriculum. This is not only a curriculum but a way to have math be part of your life. You teach Math everyday but only review five problems a day. You teach math using books, cooking, ect...An awesome concept that is very well written.

This curriculum works with all your children until pre algebra(8th grade) for $300 if you child starts in K and finishes algebra in 8th grade that is only $37.50 a year for the first child and all the others are free :)(with my four it comes to $10 a year a child!)

Review left March 12, 2009
Time: just a couple of weeks

I'm a homeschool mom to 7 kids. I have tried quite a few popular homeschool math currics and never found one that was perfect till now.

I LOVE Math on the Level!! You teach your child as they are ready to learn a concept and not based on what the book says should be taught next. This program is so flexible, you use it instead of it using you. And the explanations are written in a way that anyone can understand them. I am not a math person, I have never been good at math, and have never really been able to "teach" my kids math, I've had to rely on the curric to do that. Now, I am as involved in their math like I always wanted to be and am for every other subject. This is an excellent program and I am VERY happy with it. I am doing everything I can to tell all the people I know about MOTL!!!

Any other helpful hints:
There is a 60 day grace period if you want to try this math program.

Review left March 6, 2009

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