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Math Facts Now

Grades: 1-3       Math Facts NOW!

"Math Facts NOW!" is a simple software program for drilling the times tables and basic math facts on the computer.

Pricing: Download: $15.95 no S/H; CD-ROM $15.95 + $3.95 S/H

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Reviews of Math Facts NOW! software

Time: three years

I am a homeschooling widower with 4 children.

I just did not have the time or energy to teach basic math with flashcards or workbooks. This program was easy to use, inexpensive, and very effective.

Any other helpful hints:
Math Facts Now is not a complete curriculum. It is just an aid for the memorization of basic math facts.

Tony Norris
REview left January 24, 2010
Time: Past three years

Your situation:
Needed review drill work for multiplication and speedier adding/subtracting.
Like the software as a drill addition to our curriculum. It is so much more fun than a lot of workbooks! My children enjoy the "reward" that I type in at the end that they earn if they get 100% on their work. It is nice because it has a timing feature that I can put in. I can adjust how fast I want them to answer the questions (usually I base it on how well they type.) I can also put in any "reward" that they can work towards. I sometimes add extra time onto their computer game time, or allow them some other freebie that they want to earn. The computer program seems to "remember" which facts they are consistently getting wrong, and asks them that fact more frequently so that they get more practice on it. I highly recommend this software for drill work. My children have several different drill programs from which to choose. They and I like the variety.

Grade levels used:  K-5
Time: 3 years

This is not a comprehensive curriculum, but has proven an indespensible addition to both the Abeka and Saxon curriculum we use.  It is a simple program that gives the homeschooling parent total control over which math facts the child needs to work on. Really helps make the child remember the facts fast.


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