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Key to... workbooks

Grades: 4-12     McGraw Hill Education

Key to... workbooks are inexpensive and consist of seven series of workbooks: Key to Fractions, Key to Decimals, Key to Percent, Key to Metric measurement, Key to Measurement, Key to Algebra, Key to Geometry.  The books use a step-by-step approach, and as the titles tell, they concentrate on one area of mathematics (topical). You can use Key to... books for a thorough review of a particular topic or as self-paced and self-guided workbooks.

Key to Fractions covers all topics from basic concepts to mixed numbers and is written with secondary students in mind. Minimal reading is required, so students can easily work independently or in small groups.

Students using Key to Measurement will enjoy a variety of hands-on experiences related to the English system of measurement. Group projects are included in addition to numerous individual activities.

Pricing: Individual workbooks $3.95. The whole sets (workbooks only): Key to fractions, decimals, measurement, metric measurement $14.95, to geometry $36.95, to algebra $38.95, to percents $10.95.

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Reviews of Key To.. math workbooks

Time 3-4 years

Your situation:
Homeschool Parent. One child completed Key to Fractions, Decimals, and Percents. Another child is beginning Key to Fractions and Measurement.

What I liked: Step-by-step format presented in a very clear and understandable way, and very affordable!

A word of caution: I know another homeschool parent whose children completed Key to Algebra and Geometry, and she found that those booklets covered only introductory Algebra and Geometry; that is, they are not a complete course.

The Key To booklets are considered supplements, so they are not substitutes for a complete math curriculum. Because only one subject is covered at a time, your child may forget what he or she learned the previous year if it is not reinforced consistently using another resource. However, we were successful using these booklets along with inexpensive math workbooks like Spectrum.

More advice: These booklets work wonderfully for children who need step-by-step instruction, which, I realize in hindsight, our first child really didn't need, although he liked Key To. If I could do it all over again, I would start him on these booklets at a younger age, like age six, when he was working at an accelerated pace. But, these booklets are perfect at age 9-10 for our second son who needs the step-by-step format, and I know children who began working at advanced levels after using these booklets.

Review left July 29, 2008
Time 3 years

Your situation:
Homeschooling Mom

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum:
Fabulous workbooks! My son wizzed through these and now uses Saxon which he is doing very well with. I plan to use these workbooks with his sisters next year.

Any other helpful hints:
These workbooks are great even for elementary age children. Once they have their basic facts down, give them a try!


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