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JUMP math

Grades: 1-8      Jump Math

The JUMP Math program is a Canadian program, designed to cover Ontario math curriculum for grades 1-8. JUMP Math starts with Getting Ready for JUMP Math: Introductory Unit Using Fractions. Once your child has completed the Introductory Unit Using Fractions, he/she can move into one of JUMP Math's grade-specific workbooks.

The grade-specific materials are entitled Workbook 1, Workbook 2, etc. and correspond with the grade levels in Ontario. For example, Workbook 4 is for students in Grade 4. Each grade level has two workbooks, which provide a balance between guided and independent work. Each grade-specific workbook also has a corresponding Teacher's Guide; however that is mainly meant for classroom usage.

JUMP Math is based on scaffolding of concepts. This means each concept starts out as simple, and then there is a gradual incremental development step-by-step towards more complex and towards mastery. The workbooks have very limited use of language. The program does not include manipulatives, but instead uses pictures and mental strategies.

The program is not spiral, but mastery-oriented. Each unit such as geometry or operations are present in each workbook (twice a year).

Pricing: Individual workbooks $11 CAD. The answer keys and teacher guides are available as PDF downloads from the website (Free, but registration required). The print materials (workbooks) are distributed through the University of Toronto Press. Please see jumpmath.org/jump/pricing.

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Review of JUMP Math program

Jump Math 1.1, Jump Math 1.2
Time: 1 year

Your situation: home schooling very active boy with limited attention span.

Why you liked/didn't like the curriculum: I liked the curriculum because it has a limited number of problems per page (not so intimidating). My son readily attempts to do the problems on his own and it does challeng him at the end of each section without overwhelming him with amount.

Any other helpful hints: I have been using this curriculum alongside of total math and Khan Academy to help him practice things like carrying and multiplication. This gives him variety of learning experiences and practice of problems that don't come till later in the book. I don't want him to forget how to do it.

Edith Polzine

Review left November 6, 2012
Time: 3 years

Your situation:
We are a very relaxed homeschool with 3 children. The only textbook work I have ever used is this math program. I am not math savvy at all and I was terrified of passing my less than winning attitude along.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
I am delighted with this program because of the results. My children have been able to follow the program with only occasional help from me because it is incrementally structured and absolutely clear. My "artsy" 12-year old was extremely reluctant to start any structured learning of math, but she has wizzed through grades 1 to 6 in the last 14 months! THANK YOU JUMP! She has none of my reservations about the concepts and has developed a wonderful feeling of mastery along the way.

Any other helpful hints:
Read all the info about the creator of this program John Mighton. Understanding his approach is vital when considering this program. I hope you will be as amazed and delighted with the results as I am.

Review left March 3, 2010

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