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Family Math

Grades: K-8      by Jean Kerr Stanmark, Virginia Thompson, Ruth Cossey

Family Math is a book filled with games and hands-on activities that help children learn basic math. The book has over 300 pages, with over 100 activities.

These games, puzzles, and projects cover all basic concepts of K-8 mathematics curriculum, and will foster children's love for math, instead of making them turn away from it.

The games and activities use things commonly found at home, such as cups and playing cards and beans, paper and pencil and scissors.

Overall, this book is an excellent fit for any homeschooling family.

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Review of Family Math book

Time:off and on throughout our studies

We are an unschool family, however, I encourage the basics as much as possible, for my needs.

My daughter doesn't respond very well to worksheets, loves to play games and we find that she really learns best with games...it is difficult to find a basic math book, other than family math that has that many games...and supports her actual learning. I am at a quandry with what to do, I really want her to learn to write down the problems..but perhaps she is too young for this.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
We enjoy the math book thoroughly, but I need to always be present for the work, I am more interested in her learning autonomy in her work, but again, perhaps she is too young for this.

Any other helpful hints:
Allow the child to choose the game, and based upon her/his ability, have them create the game as much as possible. This is where I am finding the autonomy in her work.

CC Ravenheart

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