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Developmental Mathematics

Grades: 1-9       Mathematics Programs Associates

Developmental Mathematics is an affordable self-teaching math curriculum, composed of a complete workbook series that progresses through the basic elements of arithmetic into the beginnings of algebra.  Each workbook or "level" concentrates on certain topic(s) and there is no spiraling.  It can be used both as a full curriculum or as a supplemental aid.

"Its teaching methods cultivate independent thinking through deductive-reasoning and problem solving. Mathematical concepts and computational skills are presented clearly and concisely to allow students to advance independently."

Pricing: Student workbooks (levels) $12 each, teacher guides $3.50 each, a complete set of all 16 levels $220.

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Reviews of Developmental Mathematics curriculum

Time: A few years

I homeschool and used this for my 4 children all at different levels

I liked these books very much. Simple and straight forward. Each book covers one concept, so they master the concept. Main problem like the other reviewer was getting the books. After many of the books I ordered being on back order for 6 months or more I gave up and switched curriculum. I would like to switch back if I can be sure to get them.

Any other helpful hints:
Make sure they are in stock before ordering!

Review left September 13, 2010
Time: Just started

Your situation:
First time home schooler parent. My children all had IEP's in the school system. The School felt it was best to move two of my children at a slower pace. I decided to home school for two reasons. That was one of them and the other is with God out the picture there is no wisdom.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
I love this program because my youngest which they taught math by not learning how to think or reason is now counting money (which they told me they could not teach him) so some addition in his head (we started the 2nd week of September) and now it is the end of September. My two others have mastered addition and subtraction using the concepts they teach. I wish they would finish the 17 - 20.

Any other helpful hints:
I would say that using this curriculum your child will learn master math quickly. What I did is add drill to any area they were in that they took some time to master. I will also use another math book with this one to go over geometry because I don't think they have that. Overall this is our main math curriculum. Also if they are having a hard time understanding something it is easy for a parent to walk them through because the book breaks it down into steps. Like my 7-year old had a hard time understanding one concept so I broke it down a little more for him and keep drilling with him doing the steps until he got it. Along with doing 2 to 3 sheets a day.

Janea Brown

Time: 1 year

I wanted a self paced program.
I like the curriculum because it lends itself very well to self-instruction with plenty of examples and practice problems.

The problem comes with the company's customer service. I ordered an entire package from basic counting through algebra in October of 2005. After six months, I still only had some of the levels and my children had to wait while the company explained (after they had taken my money, of course) that not all levels had been through "final approval and printing". Basically, without ever telling me beforehand, they sold me a "complete" program that was anything but complete. It has now been OVER A YEAR and I am still waiting for delivery of the upper levels. I have never been offered a refund and the company does not call me. I have to call them. The worst part has been their insinuation that I have been impatient with their difficulties. As far as I can tell, the only option left to my family is to seek legal recourse.

The materials are fine, but the integrity of the comapny with respect to customer information and service is highly suspect.

Carolyn Fields

Time: 2005-2007

Our oldest son has multiple LD's (learning disabilities) and has been seriously struggling in our local public school for years. In Dec. 2005 he was in the 5th.grade with an IEP (individual educational plan) that supposedly gauranteed he would recieve multiple services for to meet his special needs. Although he was receiving the extra help, he was still having great difficulties reading, even with fairly easy books, such as; the "Cat in the hat" or "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish". When I brought this to our local school's attention, I was told; "They were meeting all of my son's need's, not to worry" and "that he'll be in the school setting till he's 22 years old". From hearing this I was greatly concerned, as they obviously had little hope for my son. Instead they seemed overly concerned with his "social interactions", more so than his academic instructions.
And our 6 year old daughter whom is quite advanced, was bored to death in their kindergarden program. During the 2005 Dec. vacation, she said; "Mommy, I want to read, can you teach me?" So, we sat down with a few books, an she learned to read.
So, I took the children out of the public school system on Jan. 3rd. 2006 to the principal's dismay. After homeschooling for just 6 months; Jan-June and by using a basic phonics & math program, and plenty of one-on-one with our children. Our son is now reading at the 3rd.-5th. grade level steadily, and his concepts of math are finally concrete. Our daughter has also learned to read, write, spell, add & subtract two digits, carry, multiply and divide. She is testing out at 3rd.-5th. grade levels. Since this year began, I believe we have done well by our children. My husband has said; "That our homeschooling was the best thing that we ever could have done for our children's future," I completely agree.

Why you liked/didn't like the book:
Considering my oldest sons lack of abilities, and our daughters advanced capabilities, Developmental Math seemed the best fit for both children and was quite affordable.
It is very easy to go thru 3-4 books a year. The main drawback of these books; is not enough instruction and drill work. Though the children can easily work independently if already reading. I prefer to use Miqoun Math as the "learning" math program then use Developmental Math as a supplement and practice. As both programs move rather quickly through the given material. Though Miqoun uses manipulatives "cuisenaire rods" that I have found are indispensable tools for learning the steps in a concrete manner. Plus all the children love to play/work with the colorful rods.

Any other helpful hints:
I would suggest looking at all of the different curricula that are available and carefully choosing one or more for your children. If you are looking for a simple yet complete math program, that your child can go thru on their own, this is a good choice.

Melinda Teixeira

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