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Chalkdust Math

Grades: 7-12       Chalkdust Company

Chalkdust offers math instruction on videos (DVDs) and textbooks that go along with the video lessons, for basic math through calculus (grades 7-12). The textbooks they recommend are written by Ron Larson, published by Houghton Mifflin.

Each course (such as algebra, geometry, or trigonometry) includes a DVD set with a total of a few dozen hours of instruction, a textbook, and a solutions guide. Prices vary. A full set is typically around $350 - $550 per course.

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Reviews of Chalkdust

Time: two years

Your situation: My son, 16, is a homeschooled high school sophomore. My strengths and skills are in the humanities areas, not in the math and science area. My son prefers humanities to math and science but is considered \'advanced\' in math in that he is taking pre-cal as a sophomore and some non-science / non-math students do not reach pre-cal until their junior or senior year of high school if at all.

Why you liked/didn't like the book: Dana Mosley is an excellent math teacher. His DVDs are comprehensive and his lesson plan makes it easy on the parent and student to figure out how much work to do each day. If the student should need additional help, Dana is available by phone or by email and he answers requests promptly. i especially like that the instructor goes through the use of the scientific calculator and uses textbooks that are standard to the best high schools and colleges in the country.

Any other helpful hints: More expensive than most math curricula for home schoolers, but worth every penny. Remember that students need only do every 3rd or every 5th odd numbered problem.

Lisa Chernow

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