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Carnegie Learning math curriculum products

Carnegie Learning's curriculum products are based on using both a textbook, and Cognitive Tutor math software. The learner spends 40% of his time using the software, and 60% with textbook activities.

This creates a unique, self-paced platform for algebra readiness, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Integrated Math programs.

The software allows students to work at their own pace, identifies student's weaknesses, and customizes instruction to focus on areas where the student is struggling. The system is built on cognitive models, which represent the knowledge a student might possess about a given subject. The software assesses the prior mathematical knowledge of students on a step-by-step basis and presents curricula tailored to their individual skill levels.

The textbook activities parallel and extend the development of concepts in the software, emphasizing written analyses and classroom presentations. Real-world situations are used in problems designed to emphasize connections between verbal, numeric, graphic and algebraic representations.

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Reviews of Carnegie Learning math curriculum

Special review by Maria Miller

... The math curriculum is very comprehensive as far as the topics covered. On each grade, there are activities for each of the five mathematics strands: Number Sense and Operations , Algebra, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Measurement, and Data Analysis and Probability. (On 8th grade, one can also choose algebra lessons).

Also the number of activities (or lessons) is quite large; it seemed to vary from around 50 to as high as 100 per grade. BUT, no matter which grade you're in, you ALSO get access to neighboring grades math curriculum, so actually you have hundreds of math activities at your disposal.

In the elementary grades, the lessons feature cartoon characters that are sure to appeal to little folks. The characters act as teachers, and...

Read the rest of my review of Carnegie Learning Cognitive Tutor Algebra 1.

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