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Ask Dr. Callahan

Grades: 9-12       Ask Dr. Callahan    

AskDrCallahan provides complete high school math programs that are specially geared towards being a college prep curriculum. The programs are available for Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 with Trigonometry, and Calculus. Each course includes the following:

  • DVD teaching videos.
  • Week-by-week syllabus showing which material should be covered and which problems are to be worked.
  • All tests
  • Test grading guide
  • Solutions manual to selected problems.
  • College level textbook (for algebra 1 and geometry, they use Harold Jacobs books)
  • Free one-year support

You may order the courses with or without the textbook (the textbooks are often available used on half.com or Amazon.)

Website: Ask Dr. Callahan.
Pricing: Algebra 1: $229.00 Algebra 1 Full Course Bundle. Geometry: $262.00 Geometry Bundle. Calculus: $195.00 Calculus 1 Course Bundle.

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Reviews of Ask Dr. Callahan math curriculum

Ask Dr. Callahan Geometry
Time: 1 Year

Your situation: 6 Years Homeschooling

Why you liked/didn't like the book: The book was not the greatest in my opinion. It did not do a great job in explaining the concepts. There were not a lot of examples and the problems were at times vague in what they were asking for which was very frustrating to my son.

Before the year was over we switched to a different curriculum because he just was not learning like he should.

Any other helpful hints: You need to have a creative child who excels at math and likes to be challenged as it is a advanced curriculum. I know this curriculum works for some people but it did not work for us.

Make sure you are ready to teach this unless your student is advanced. The DVD helps but was not enough with our student.

Mark E

Review left September 20, 2011
Time: 3 years

Your situation: My oldest son has used the ADC Geometry and Algebra 2 with Trigonometry courses. We have the ADC Calculus course ready and waiting for our new school year to start in a few weeks.

Why you liked/didn't like the book: My son loved the Geometry course which used the Jacobs text and he also like the Alg 2 course. In fact, after completing the A2 w/ Trig course, he took the CLEP Precalculus exam - he made a 76 (equivalent to an A+).

A few of my children are not too fond of math and so I may use a different course when they get to high school. But for any of my kids who want to go to college for a math/science degree or who want to gain CLEP math credits before going to college, I will definitely use the Ask Dr. Callahan courses!

Lauren in GA
Review left July 27, 2011
Time: 1 year

This is my ninth grader's first year of Algebra. The Jacobs Elementary Algebra text does not give clear instruction for problem solving so we bought the ridiculously priced instructional DVD from Dr. Callahan. (The DVD did not have great reviews, but the text did, so we wanted to give Jacobs a try) The Ask Dr. Callahan Algebra 1 DVD was the only instructional CD we could find available for the Jacobs Elementary Algebra.

Why you liked/didn't like the book: What a waste of money. Dr. Callahan's daughter teaches it. The DVD is a joke. It is an absolute waste of money and no where near the quality of the Saxon instructional DVD's. I have absolutely not one positive thing to say about the Ask Dr. Callahan Algebra 1 CD. The teaching method used is extremely tacky and unprofessional and not thorough.

Any other helpful hints: Jacobs Elementary Algebra is great as long as the teacher has a thorough understanding of Algebra and the time to spend teaching it one on one with the student. The solutions manual is not very helpful. AS FOR THE ASK DR CALLAHAN DVD MADE FOR THE JACOBS ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA; DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Lori Donahue
Review left October 18, 2010
Time: 1 year

Your situation: 10 years of homeschooling.

The textbook was not helpful at all in explaining the concepts. So if we had questions about the work, we couldn't reference the book, and Callahan didn't cover everything. I'm trying to sell it. I do not recommend.

Any other helpful hints: Make sure you're ready to "TEACH" this; which defeats the purpose of spending $200 on the DVD course....urghhhh

Vanessa H.
Review left December 14, 2009

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