Rounding Worksheet 1

1a.   Round 0.47475 to one decimal.    
2a.   Round 51.5707 to two decimals.    
3a.   Round 51.62988 to three decimals.    
4a.   Round 0.05911 to two decimals.    
5a.   Round 19.60999 to one decimal.    
6a.   Round 0.66827 to four decimals.    
7a.   Round 43.74384 to four decimals.    
8a.   Round 50.73947 to three decimals.    
9a.   Round 32.34589 to four decimals.    
10a.   Round 0.73686 to one decimal.    
11a.   Round 2.68752 to one decimal.    
12a.   Round 275.1881 to one decimal.    
13a.   Round 8.7634 to three decimals.    
14a.   Round 5.7025 to one decimal.    
15a.   Round 9.54811 to four decimals.    
16a.   Round 760.6184 to one decimal.    

Answer Key


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