Rounding Worksheet 1

1a.   Round 367.2798 to two decimals.    
2a.   Round 96.1692 to four decimals.    
3a.   Round 18.4927 to four decimals.    
4a.   Round 22.28529 to one decimal.    
5a.   Round 145.0413 to two decimals.    
6a.   Round 7.8649 to four decimals.    
7a.   Round 94.4584 to three decimals.    
8a.   Round 88.10191 to four decimals.    
9a.   Round 6.8453 to three decimals.    
10a.   Round 6.4176 to two decimals.    
11a.   Round 5.4309 to three decimals.    
12a.   Round 653.8709 to two decimals.    
13a.   Round 756.6853 to four decimals.    
14a.   Round 1.3149 to three decimals.    
15a.   Round 1.35106 to one decimal.    
16a.   Round 45.0952 to one decimal.    

Answer Key


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