Rounding Worksheet 1

1a.   Round 45.79045 to two decimals.    
1b.   Round 24.6016 to one decimal.    
2a.   Round 64.8404 to one decimal.    
2b.   Round 0.49865 to one decimal.    
3a.   Round 0.59584 to three decimals.    
3b.   Round 0.65168 to two decimals.    
4a.   Round 94.2659 to one decimal.    
4b.   Round 5.31084 to two decimals.    
5a.   Round 43.58291 to one decimal.    
5b.   Round 57.0946 to three decimals.    
6a.   Round 296.7002 to four decimals.    
6b.   Round 9.7812 to one decimal.    

Answer Key


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