Rounding Worksheet 1

1a.   Round 35.9646 to one decimal.    
2a.   Round 164.118 to three decimals.    
3a.   Round 6.754 to three decimals.    
4a.   Round 359.895 to one decimal.    
5a.   Round 3.7069 to one decimal.    
6a.   Round 339.053 to three decimals.    
7a.   Round 0.21 to two decimals.    
8a.   Round 42.724 to two decimals.    
9a.   Round 0.8857 to two decimals.    
10a.   Round 2.468 to one decimal.    
11a.   Round 48.04 to one decimal.    
12a.   Round 8.082 to two decimals.    
13a.   Round 5.709 to three decimals.    
14a.   Round 5.2869 to two decimals.    
15a.   Round 0.4604 to two decimals.    
16a.   Round 1.2243 to three decimals.    

Answer Key


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