Rounding Worksheet 1

1a.   Round 60.6016 to two decimals.    
2a.   Round 0.9497 to two decimals.    
3a.   Round 82.3756 to one decimal.    
4a.   Round 5.105 to one decimal.    
5a.   Round 91.496 to two decimals.    
6a.   Round 0.4474 to two decimals.    
7a.   Round 737.718 to two decimals.    
8a.   Round 43.2107 to three decimals.    
9a.   Round 0.0552 to two decimals.    
10a.   Round 6.479 to one decimal.    
11a.   Round 5.667 to three decimals.    
12a.   Round 614.252 to one decimal.    
13a.   Round 17.587 to two decimals.    
14a.   Round 0.4652 to one decimal.    
15a.   Round 3.49 to one decimal.    
16a.   Round 9.4742 to one decimal.    

Answer Key


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