Rounding Worksheet 1

1a.   Round 744.133 to three decimals.    
2a.   Round 7.457 to one decimal.    
3a.   Round 300.518 to three decimals.    
4a.   Round 4.8889 to three decimals.    
5a.   Round 98.8545 to one decimal.    
6a.   Round 8.7343 to one decimal.    
7a.   Round 0.4579 to three decimals.    
8a.   Round 226.816 to three decimals.    
9a.   Round 72.81 to two decimals.    
10a.   Round 9.6577 to two decimals.    
11a.   Round 7.034 to one decimal.    
12a.   Round 2.7364 to one decimal.    
13a.   Round 26.1256 to two decimals.    
14a.   Round 785.827 to one decimal.    
15a.   Round 0.4026 to one decimal.    
16a.   Round 98.581 to three decimals.    

Answer Key


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