Rounding Worksheet 1

1a.   Round 89.926 to three decimals.    
1b.   Round 0.0659 to two decimals.    
2a.   Round 0.939 to three decimals.    
2b.   Round 0.4632 to two decimals.    
3a.   Round 70.7233 to three decimals.    
3b.   Round 62.585 to one decimal.    
4a.   Round 4.628 to two decimals.    
4b.   Round 19.2792 to three decimals.    
5a.   Round 0.8847 to one decimal.    
5b.   Round 946.788 to two decimals.    
6a.   Round 73.545 to one decimal.    
6b.   Round 9.1494 to three decimals.    

Answer Key


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