Ratio Worksheet 1
Solve. If the problem asks for a ratio, give it in simplified form.

1a.   A chess club has 21 members, of which 11 are males and the rest are females. What is the ratio of males to all club members?



2a.   Mia drew 10 hearts, 7 stars, and 1 circle. What is the ratio of stars to hearts to circles?



3a.   Lily drew 10 hearts and 15 circles. What is the ratio of hearts to all shapes?



4a.   A jar contains 25 marbles, of which 17 are blue, 5 are red, and the rest are green. What is the ratio of blue marbles to green marbles?



5a.   A pattern has 3 blue triangles to every 15 yellow triangles. What is the ratio of yellow triangles to all triangles?



6a.   A herd of 22 horses has 5 white and some black horses. What is the ratio of white to black horses?



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