Ratio Worksheet 1
Solve. If the problem asks for a ratio, give it in simplified form.

1a.   The ratio of girls to boys in a a gardening club was 4 : 3. There were 15 boys. How many girls were there in the club?




2a.   A bag contains 95 marbles, some white and some blue. The ratio of white marbles to blue ones is 3 : 2. How many blue marbles are there?




3a.   Caden and Aiden share a reward of $112 in a ratio of 3 : 5. What fraction of the total reward does Aiden get?




4a.   A bag contains 42 marbles, some transparent and some white. The ratio of transparent marbles to white ones is 5 : 2. How many white marbles are there?




5a.   Nathan has 99 coins. Of the coins, 1/11 are nickels, 1/11 are dimes, and the rest are quarters. What is the ratio of Nathan's nickels to dimes to quarters?




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