Ratio Problems Worksheet

Solve.If the problem asks for a ratio, give it in simplified form.

1 a. The ratio of girls to boys in a a gardening club was 1 : 4. There were 24 boys. How many girls were there in the club?




2 a. A jar contains 880 beans. Of all the beans, 9/11 are navy beans and the rest are pinto beans. What is the ratio of navy beans to pinto beans?




3 a. A bag contains 84 marbles, some blue and some red. The ratio of blue marbles to red ones is 2 : 4. How many red marbles are there?




4 a. A kennel has 30 dogs in total, some are puppies and some are adult dogs. The ratio of puppies to adult dogs in a kennel is 2 : 3. How many adult dogs are there?




5 a. A truck is carrying apple juice, cherry juice, and mango juice bottles in a ratio of 6 : 3 : 2. If there are 1414 mango juice bottles, then how many juice bottles in total are there?




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Answer Key

1 a. There were 6 girls.
2 a. The ratio of navy beans to pinto beans is 9 : 2.
3 a. There are 56 red marbles.
4 a. There are 18 adult dogs.
5 a. There are 1540 juice bottles in total.

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