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Square Roots Worksheets
also with decimals or other operations

You can make either simple worksheets where the student just solves the square root, or more complex worksheets with other operations like addition or multiplication mixed in.

If you want the answer to be "exact", choose "perfect squares". Then the radicand will only be a perfect square, like 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, etc. Otherwise, choose to allow non-perfect squares, and then the answer is typically (not always) an unending decimal number that is just rounded to certain length.

The option "Only simplify, no answers as decimals" does not give the answer as a rounded decimal, but simplifies the answer and leaves the square root in the answer if it cannot be simplified. This option is for advanced users.

With the advanced options you can make worksheets with other operations mixed in, besides just taking a square root.

Example worksheets:

Square Root Worksheet Generator
Bandera de espana Ejercicios de raices cuadradas en español

Basic worksheets:

  problems in a row, rows

Radicand range
(number under the root):
Min: Max:
Only perfect squares
Allow non-perfect squares

Answer rounded to decimals.
Only simplify, no answers as decimals

Take roots from decimals
up to decimal digits.

Font:   Font Size:   Cell Padding:

Additional title
& instructions 
(HTML allowed) 
Intermediate worksheets:

These will include other operations besides just taking a square root.

Use also the following operations:

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