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Proportion Worksheets

Create proportion worksheets with either numerical problems or simple word problems (e.g. speed/distance or cost/amount problems). These are most useful when students are first learning proportions in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. The options include using whole numbers only, numbers with a certain range, or numbers with a certain number of decimal digits.

Use these quick links for creating certain types of proportion worksheets. Below, with the actual generator, you can generate worksheets to your exact specifications.

Easy proportions (can be solved by thinking of equivalent fractions)
Solve proportions (whole numbers)
Solve proportions (decimals)

Simple word problems that involve proportions
Simple word problems that involve proportions and use decimal numbers

Proportion Worksheet Generator    Bandera de espana
Columns:   Rows:
(These determine the number of problems)

Range of numbers to be used in the proportions:
Min: Max:
(for word problems, different ranges are used; see further below)

Maximum number of decimal digits in the numbers in the proportion: 

Answers rounded to decimals.

Use ONLY whole numbers in the problem AND in the answer.
    This overrides the previous selections for decimal digits.

Number of empty lines below the problem (workspace)

Choose the type of problems:
Proportions [No word problems.]
Word Problems [Check the type below.]
For word problems, choose metric, US or both kinds of units to be used.

Metric units (kg, km, liter)    US customary units (lb, mile, gallon)

Range of numbers to be used for distances (miles or kilometers) in the word problems:
Min: Max:

Range of numbers to be used for weights (pounds or kilograms) in the word problems:
Min: Max:

For word problem types, check at least one box.

A car can travel 45 miles on 2 gallons of gasoline. How far can it travel on 5.6 gallons?

A boat can travel 45 miles on 7 gallons of gasoline. How much gasoline will it need to go 78 miles?

A car travels 98 miles in 1.4 hours (with a constant speed). How far can it travel in 7 hours (with the same speed)?

An airplane travels 645 miles in 3 hours (with a constant speed). How much time will it take traveling 1,000 miles?

6 lbs of potatoes cost $12.90. How much would 3.4 lbs cost?

6 kg of potatoes cost $12.90. How many kilograms of potatoes can you get with $8?

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Ratios, Proportions, and Problem Solving

A self-teaching worktext for 6th-7th grade that covers ratios, proportions, aspect ratio, scaling, and various kinds of problem solving with the help of a bar (block) model.

Download ($5.00). Also available as a printed copy.

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