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Place Value and Scientific Notation Worksheets

Make worksheets for place value topics, such as writing a number in expanded form, or writing a number given in expanded form, in normal form. Then you can also make worksheets for scientific notation: either to write a given number in scientific notation, or vice versa.

You can customize the worksheets in various ways: you can choose the maximum number of digits and maximum number of decimal digits used in the problem. The script will automatically vary the number of digits in the problems, up to that limit. You can also choose your multiplication symbol, decimals separator, and thousands separator.

Place Value and Scientific Notation Worksheet Generator

Columns:   Rows:
(These determine the number of problems)

Difficulty level:
Easy level (up to 5 nonzero digits)
Medium level (no such limitation)

Type of problem:
Write a number in expanded form.
      For example, write 2,540 as 2 × 1000 + 5 × 100 + 4 × 10.
      Use exponents for powers of ten

Write a number given in expanded form in normal form.
      For example, write 3 × 100 + 9 × 10 + 2 × 1 as 392.
      Use exponents for powers of ten
      The parts are given in scrambled order.
      For example write 5 × 10 + 9 × 1 + 6 × 100 as 659.

Write a number in scientific notation.
      For example, write 5,670,000 as 5.67 × 106

Write a number given in scientific notation in normal form.
      For example, write 8.09 × 10-3 as 0.00809.

Maximum number of digits:

Maximum number of decimal digits:

Multiplication symbol:


Decimals separator:


Thousands & millions separator:





Font:   Font Size:

Cell Padding:  

Workspace below the problems: lines       Border:    

Additional title & instructions  (HTML allowed):


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