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Fraction worksheets 1
Fraction addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

This worksheet generator produces a variety of worksheets for the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) with fractions and mixed numbers, including with negative fractions. You can choose like or unlike fractions, make missing number problems, restrict the problems to use proper fractions or to not to simplify the answers. Further, you can control the values of numerator, denominator, and the whole-number part to make the fractions or mixed numbers as easy or difficult as you like.

To control the amount of working space, change the font size, cellpadding, and extra space below each problem. To use negative fractions or mixed numbers, change the range for the numerator and/or whole number to include negative numbers; you do not need to set the denominator to negatives. Click here for more instructions on this worksheet generator.

The worksheets come with an answer key; however, you need to click to the answer key page immediately after generating a worksheet, because the answer key also is generated 'on the fly', and won't exist later on, should you come looking for it later.

Tip: chose value 1 to be a fraction and value 2 to be a mixed number, and then tick the box of "Value 1 - Value 2 random switching" to make problems where either the first or the second number is a mixed number. Just experiment with the options to customize the worksheets as you like!

Here are some quick links for ready worksheets. Refresh the worksheet page to get another of the same kind.

We also have separate pages with ready-made PDF worksheets for fraction addition, fraction multiplication, and equivalent fractions (with visual models), plus worksheet generators for comparing fractions and simplifying fractions and for fractions & mixed numbers.

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Columns:   Rows:
(These determine the number of problems)

No duplicate problems
No negative answers
      (useful for subtraction)
Like fractions (same denominator)
Use proper fractions only
Value 1 - Value 2 random switching
Missing addend/subtrahend/factor/dividend etc.
The answer is a whole number
Use simplified fractions in the problems
Do not simplify the answers

Value 1: 
  Min: Max:
Whole number

Value 2: 
  Min: Max:
Whole number
How many numbers to use in the problem?
(Number 3 follows the settings for value 1, and number 4 follows the settings for value 2.)
Extra vertical space below the problems:  lines

Font:     Font Size:

Cell Padding:       Border:    

Additional title & instructions  (HTML allowed):


Key to Fractions workbook series

Key to Fractions Workbooks

These workbooks by Key Curriculum Press feature a number of exercises to help your child learn about fractions. Book 1 teaches fraction concepts, Book 2 teaches multiplying and dividing, Book 3 teaches adding and subtracting, and Book 4 teaches mixed numbers. Each book has a practice test at the end.

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