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Free worksheets for prime factorization / find factors of a number

Create an unlimited supply of free printable worksheets for prime factorization or for finding all the factors of the given numbers. The problem sheets are randomly generated and customizable: you can choose the difficulty level, font size, spacing, and the number of problems.

The worksheets come with an answer key; however, you need to click to the answer key page immediately after generating a worksheet, because the answer key also is generated 'on the fly', and won't exist later on, should you come looking for it later.

Note: The answer key will list the factorization using exponential notation: each prime factor is raised to the appropriate power.

Note: The largest number to be factored allowed is 10,000, because I don't want people to try such enormous factoring feats that it would crash the server. Just to be safe.

Factoring Worksheet Generator

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List all the factors of the given number; range from to
Easy factoring: numbers within 4-100
Medium factoring: numbers within 4-200
Custom factoring: numbers from to

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Practice makes perfect. Practice math at IXL.com

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