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Exponents Worksheets

You can create an unlimited supply of free printable exponents worksheets here. These worksheets concentrate on calculations with exponents, such as solving 33 or (1/2)4 or (-5)0 or 8-2. You can choose to include negative or zero exponent. You can choose fractions, decimals, or negative numbers as bases. You can also make worksheets that have one other operation besides exponentiation (several operations with powers).

These worksheets are most useful in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, when exponents are introduced and practiced. The worksheets do not include variables with exponents (such as used in algebra course).

The problem sheets are randomly generated so unique each time. In the bottom of each worksheet you will find a link to the answer key. If you want the answer key, you need to click through to the answer key right after you have generated the worksheet, because as soon as you generated a new worksheet, that answer key won't be accessible any more.

Some quick links:

Easy exponents worksheet
Easy exponents worksheet with positive and negative numbers as base
Medium-difficult exponents worksheet
Easy exponents using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals as bases
Easy practice with negative and zero exponent
Worksheet for negative and zero exponents, using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals as base

Write the expressions using exponents

Operations with exponents, whole-number bases
Operations with exponents, bases are both positive and negative whole numbers
Operations with exponents, bases are whole numbers, fractions, and decimals
Challenge operations with exponents (including zero, negative exponents, negative bases, fractions and decimals as bases)

Exponents Worksheet Generator

Columns:   Rows:
(These determine the number of problems)

Difficulty level:
Easy level
Medium level

Type of problem:
Solve. For example, solve 43.
Write using exponents. For example, write 8 × 8 × 8 × 8 × 8 using an exponent
Solve several operations with powers. Includes multiplication, division, addition, or
      subtraction of powers. For example, solve 6265 or solve 24 + 23

Other options:
Allow zero exponent
Allow negative exponents
Allow negative numbers as base
Allow fractions and decimals as base

Multiply symbol:

Font:   Font Size:   Cell Padding:  

Additional title
& instructions
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