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Free Addition Worksheets

This worksheet generator produces various kinds of addition worksheets. You can create worksheets for addition in columns or in horizontal form. By choosing the range, you can use negative numbers, very big numbers, or numbers less than 50 - however you wish. You can even limit the numbers to be whole tens or hundreds or some other multiple by choosing the "Step" to be 10, or 100, or any other whole number. All worksheets come with answers.

With the advanced options you can create missing addend worksheets, or problems with 3-6 addends. Use 3-6 addends with a missing addend to create algebra-type problems. No carrying is a good option for kids just starting to learn adding in columns - this only works with 2 addends.

Switch addends randomly is usable if you for example set addend 1 to be whole tens, and addend 2 to be whole hundreds; the problems will be both of the form 20 + 300 and 400 + 70 etc. Or, if you set addend 1 to be within negative range and addend 2 positive, switching 1 and 2 randomly makes the negative number sometimes to be first, sometimes second. You can even use three addends, set one to be negative, one positive, one from negative to positive range (such as -10 to 10), and switching the addends will create problems where the negative numbers can be in any order.

Create place value problems like this: let the range for the first addend to be 0-9, for the second addend 0 to 90 with step 10, third addend 0 to 900 with step 100, and so on if larger places values are wished. Then tick the Switch addends randomly and the missing addend options.

Experiment with the options to customize the worksheets as you like!

Ready-made worksheets

These are still randomly generated. One you have one worksheet, you'll get another of the same kind by hitting "refresh" button in your browser, or F5 from keyboard.

Mental addition

Missing addend - sums with 9
Missing addend - sums with 10

Missing addend random - sum max 10
Missing addend random within 10 and 20
Complete the next ten
Add a 2-digit number and a 1-digit number mentally - within the same ten
Complete one hundred (missing addend)
Add two 2-digit numbers - one addend is a whole ten
Adding 1-digit number to a 2-digit number

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Add in columns

Add a 2-digit number and a 1-digit number in columns
Add two 2-digit numbers in columns - no carrying
Add two 2-digit numbers in columns - figure out the missing addend

Add two 3-digit numbers in columns - no carrying
Add two 3-digit numbers in columns
Adding 3-digit numbers, 2 addends
Adding 3-digit numbers, 3 addends
Adding 3-digit numbers, 4 addends
Adding 5 and 6-digit numbers, 4 addends
Adding 5 and 6-digit numbers, 5 addends

Find many more ready-made column-addition worksheets on these pages:
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Place value

Build a two-digit number from tens and ones
Tens and ones - missing addend
Build a three-digit number from the parts
Find the missing place value from a 3-digit number
Build a four-digit number from the parts
Find the missing place value from a 4-digit number
Build a 5-digit number from parts
Find the missing place value from a 5-digit number
Build a 6-digit number from parts
Find the missing place value from a 6-digit number

Addition Worksheets     Bandera de espana
Basic options:

  problems in a row,   rows

Extra vertical space below the problems:  lines
  Min: Max: Step:
Addend 1 
Addend 2 
Sum (answer)

It's best to leave the range for 'sum' empty.
If you fill in a step-size for the "sum" and for addend 1, and the script is not working right, please set the step-size for addend 2 to be 1.

Font:     Font Size:

Cell Padding:     Border:    

Additional title & instructions  (HTML allowed):


Advanced options

3 addends
4 addends
5 addends
6 addends

Ranges for addends 3-6:
  Min: Max: Step:
Addend 3 
Addend 4 
Addend 5 
Addend 6 

Display negative numbers:

with brackets, e.g. (-12)
with a little dash, e.g. 12

No carrying (only with 2 addends)
Missing addend problems
Switch addends randomly
Switch "="-sign beginning/end randomly


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