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Math Lessons and Teaching Tips

This is a collection of articles on math education topics plus a collection of actual lessons for many elementary math topics. We hope these lessons and articles will help you a lot in your math teaching!

A good way to find the topic you're interested in is to use the SEARCH box below. Most likely you'll find something about most elementary and middle school math topics.

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High School
Place value
Addition & subtraction


Some of these links to go to Homeschool Math Blog and Math Mammoth websites, written by Maria Miller.


Place Value Lessons

Add & Subtract Lessons

Multiplication Lessons

Division Lessons

Fraction Lessons

Why are fractions so difficult to learn?

Decimals Lessons


Order of operations/PEMDAS
Estimation methods

Negative or zero exponents
Number to zero power is one - 2 proofs

How to teach proportions

Percent - the basic concept
Percentage of a number using mental math
How to calculate percentages of numbers
How to calculate percentages
Basics of percent of change

How to teach integers

Hands-on with pi
Fibonacci numbers and the golden section
Sine in a right triangle
Square roots without a calculator?

Rational numbers & converting repeating decimals into fractions

Where do you need math, square roots, or algebra in real life?
Balance illustrates equation solving

Geometry Lessons

High School

Why high school geometry is difficult
Help with high school geometry
What is proof?
Two-column proof vs. paragraph proof
Proving is a process - logarithm problem
Fascinating irrational numbers
Proof that square root of 2 is irrational
Rational numbers are countable
How does calculator find values of sine?
Fibonacci numbers and the golden section
Why does the square root algorithm work?