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Math Lessons and Teaching Tips

All of these lessons and articles from this website and my blog are written by me... Maria Miller. I hope they help you in your math teaching.

One good way to find help for the math topic you're interested in is to use the SEARCH box below. I have written something about most elementary and middle school math topics.

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High School
Place value
Addition & subtraction


Four habits of highly effective math teaching
How to motivate & prevent math anxiety
How to help a student who is behind in math
Value of mistakes in math learning
Timed tests and how it damages students' learning of math
What kind of PRAISE should we give students?
From CLOSED math problems (with one answer) to OPEN ones

Keeping math skills sharp in the summer
NEW! Geometric vanish puzzles
Do's and don'ts of teaching problem solving
Which operation to use in word problems?
Solving word problems & setting up equations
Calculator related articles from my blog
Problem solving articles from my blog
Living math - articles from my blog


Learn to recognize numbers — a game for preschoolers
Kindergarten math— an outline & recommendations
Using a 100-bead abacus in elementary math - from my blog
The most useful manipulatives for elementary math
Using manipulatives - articles from my blog
How to teach children to recognize coins
Math facts - articles from my blog
Solving math word problems in elementary grades
Using a calculator in elementary grades?
Calculator related articles from my blog

Place Value Lessons

Add & Subtract Lessons

Multiplication Lessons

How to help students with multiplication tables
Teaching multiplication - various articles
Math facts - articles from my blog

Division Lessons

Teaching division - articles from my blog

Fraction Lessons

Fraction videos 1
My videos for equivalent fractions, addition and subtraction of like & unlike fractions, and of mixed numbers.

Fraction videos 2
My videos for simplifyin fractions, multiplication and division of fractions and of mixed numbers, ratios, and converting fractions to decimals.

Why are fractions so difficult?

Decimals Lessons

Decimals videos
A playlist of 13 of my videos for all decimal topics at Youtube.


Recommendations for pre-algebra books
Order of operations/PEMDAS
Estimation methods

Negative or zero exponents
Number to zero power is one - 2 proofs

How to teach proportions
Proportion related articles from my blog

Percent videos Percent - the concept and how to change fractions to percents
Percentage of a number using mental math
Percentage of a number using decimals
What percentage...
Percent basics—from my blog
Calculating percent—from my blog
Basics of percent of change

How to teach integers

Hands-on with pi
Sine in a right triangle
Square roots without a calculator?

Rational numbers & converting repeating decimals into fractions

Where do you need math, square roots, or algebra in real life?

Balance illustrates equation solving
Algebraic thinking related articles from my blog

Geometry Lessons

High School

Teaching algebra - articles from my blog
Why high school geometry is difficult
Help with high school geometry
What is proof?
Two-column proof vs. paragraph proof
Proving is a process - logarithm problem
Fascinating irrational numbers
Proof that square root of 2 is irrational
Rational numbers are countable
How does calculator find values of sine?
Fibonacci numbers and golden section
Why does the square root algorithm work?

Free math worksheets and practice - Adapted Mind

Free algebra and geometry lessons