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Review of Awesome Grades in Math and Science
from HomeschoolMath.net

Awesome Grades for Math and Science is an ebook about motivation, confidence, studying techniques, good study habits, some very practical and subject-matter connected tips, and stress management.

The author of this book, Anita Delmar, has extensive math teaching and tutoring experience and she has helped hundreds of students to go from low achievement to excellent grades. The skills she teaches here can be life changing.

Awesome Grades in Math and Science teaches you how to study, how to take notes in class, make summaries, and many do's and dont's of studying and learning so that you will know your subject matter and pass the exams.

Being able to read a book and study through it effectively so that one can master the material is a skill not usually explicitly taught, yet it is one of the keys to success in high school, vocational school, university, and even workplace.

The main chapters in this book are:

Unleash the Motivation within you
Turn your Dreams into Reality
These two chapters talk about very important things. Finding motivation is a struggle for many students when it comes to math and science, yet it's essential for success. The text is written in such an encouraging, yet humorous way that you can start feeling motivated just while reading! But it is really the exercises you will complete that will force you to think about how these things apply to you personally, and thereby you can begin to unleash the motivation and confidence WITHIN you.

Build Unshakable Confidence
For example, this chapter explains common "confidence blocks" and how to overcome them, and challenges you to change the way you think, your attitude.

The 19 Habits of Awesome Students
You may already know most of these good habits - yet many students simply don't follow them. But they make immediate sense, and when it's in writing and someone tells you to do it, it is so much more compelling. If your child has never been in public school, but will in some day enter a vocational school or university, she will benefit by reading this section.

Get on your Teacher's "Good Side"
This chapter deals with the relationship you as a student have with your teacher.  Are you behaving in such a way that it makes your teacher's job more difficult, or less difficult?  Do you know why that is important to you?  Anita Delmar also gives tips of how to repair the possible existing damage between you and your teacher, and how to develop the relationship further.

Schedule your Way to Success
This is I feel one of the most important chapters in the book.  By scheduling you will convert the "overwhelming workload" into small, manageable tasks, so you won't be totally stressed out and your brain will remain sane. Again, most people already know that scheduling is good, but the chapter gives you exact details of how to do it and an example schedule sheet.  It explains why it is needful and why it works.  The chapter introduces an important 80/20 rule that pertains to how to study/memorize material.  I fully agree with the rule, and have used the same idea in my own studying.

Prepare Awesome Summary Notes (ASN) to Make Studying a Breeze
This is another very important chapter. Many students don't know the power that lies in making your own summary notes. The ASN system is extremely useful for grouping and organizing material so that you'll understand the relationships between the concepts better. It's superb for memorizing large quantities of material, such as in biology or in chemistry. I know some of my teachers knew about this, because in some of my school exams we were allowed to take in one sheet of hand written notes - and boy were they done with tiny writing, full packed with all the equations and stuff. I did mine too, but didn't really need it much - you learn a lot about the test material when you are doing it.

Test Preparation Strategies: Biology and Chemistry
Test Preparation Strategies: Math and Physics
These two chapters deal with some subject matter specific tips and techniques.  Good students probably use some of these instinctively but ALL students can use them when they are revealed and told so simply in this book.  Reading the section on math will probably even help your algebra skills and helps you to avoid two extremely common errors.

Ace your Multiple Choice Test

Create an Optical Test-Taking State of Mind

Returned Tests and Assignments: The Forgotten Treasure

Manage your Stress for Success
Many people think that students don't have stress, but that is not true. The stress management ideas explained here are sound and simple enough for all of us to follow.  They range from good nutrition to the need of saying "no" to your friends if it's study time.

To Tutor or not to Tutor ?  That is the Question
This chapter offers some advice on how to choose a tutor, if you decide to have one.

Realistic Expectations for Improvement

The book also includes the "Ultimate Web Resource List for Math and Science Students" that lists excellent websites about math, physics, chemistry, and biology.  These resources include lessons, worksheets, formulas, problem solving tools, unit conversion tools, message boards, and more - many of them being interactive - and they can help your child with the actual subject matters.

I can honestly recommend this ebook for all students of ALL ages.  It can benefit you in any subject, not just math and science. And if you for some reason don't like it, it has a 1 Year Unconditional No-Risk Guarantee - no questions asked.
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Review by Maria Miller, MSc, author of HomeschoolMath.net
Price: $29.95. Electronic book in PDF format.