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List of online measurement games

This is an annotated list of online games, activities, and worksheets related to measuring in elementary grades. I have tried to choose only the best websites, to make sure these resources are truly useful for my site visitors!


A Dictionary of Units of Measurement
Explains the common measuring systems and has lots of background info of their history.

BBC Bitesize Measures
Short revision (review) "bites" with some activities and short tests for middle school level (metric units only). Topics include measures, perimeter, area, volume, and time.

Conversion Quizzes - ThatQuiz.org
A customizable online quiz about conversions between measuring units. The options include both metric and customary systems and six different difficulty levels.

Online lessons with interactive exercises on metric prefixes, symbols, number values, metric mass, length, volume, US length and volume, and temperature conversions.

Easy Unit Converter
A comprehensive online tool for converting measuring units.

Measuring Units Worksheets
Generate free printable worksheets for conversions between measuring units (length, weight, volume). Both customary and metric units included.

Units of Measurement Quizzes
Quizzes for area, distance, volume, and mass - both metric and English systems.

Architecture and math resources. Students learn estimation, measuring skills, proportion, and ratios by hand-drafting a floor plan of their classroom to scale.

Math Mammoth Measuring 1

A self-teaching worktext for 1st - 3rd grade that covers measuring length, weight, volume, and temperature, in both customary and measuring units. The book includes lots of hands-on projects.

Download ($4.85). Also available as a printed copy.

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Inchy Picnic Game
Measure with a ruler to find how many inches Andy Ant needs to go.

The Ruler Game
Choose between whole inches, half-inches, quarters, eighths, or sixteenth parts of an inch to measure. Click on the given measurement on a ruler. Timed or not timed versions available.

Measure It!
Practice measuring lines with either centimeters or inches. Multiple choice questions.

Sal's Sub Shop
Customers order subs, and you need to cut them to the given measurements - sometimes in metric units, sometimes in inches.

Reading a Tape Measure Worksheets
Worksheet generator - you can choose to which accuracy to measure, inches, or inches & feet.

Measurement Game for Kids
Measure the length and weight of various parcels using the interactive scales and ruler so you can give them a stamp with the correct postage rate. Uses grams and centimeters.

Reading Scales
You can illustrate a variety of measuring devices, such as scales, measuring cup, thermometer, and spedometer, and how to read them. Generate examples using different scales on different devices at the press of a button.

Reading Scales
Weigh objects on this virtual balance scale, using weights of 10 g, 50 g, 250 g, and 500 g.

Bunny Balance
Place bunnies on the balance until it is even.

Math Mammoth Measuring 2

A self-teaching worktext for 4th - 6th grade that covers time, temperature, length, weight, and volume, in both customary and measuring units, concentrating on conversions between units.

Download ($6.80). Also available as a printed copy.

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BBC Skillswise Measuring
Short videos, games, and quizzes on length, weight, and capacity (metric units).

An online activity about metric measuring units and how to read scales, measuring cup, and a ruler. Uses British spelling.

Metric puzzles and quizzes
Crossword puzzles, word seaches, and quizzes about metric units. Free printable PDF files.

The Metric Number line
A tutorial for how to convert between metric units using a "metric unit number line," which visually shows you how many steps you need to move the decimal point.

Metric Conversion Chart
A printable measuring units conversion chart for your reference. Includes conversions between metric measures, US measures, and metric vs. US measures.


Geometry Calculator for Mac. Work out all the measurements (area, perimeter, sides, angles, etc) of 2D and 3D shapes.
Price: $14.99

MB-Ruler - a triangular ruler for the computer screen
MB-Ruler is a software that helps you to measure distances and angles on the computer screen, such as distances on a map or angles in any image. It has a ruler and a protractor, which are almost transparent over the image you are working with.
Price: Free for non-commercial use.

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