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Logic and proof: online resources

Logic and proof

Introduction to Logic
A set of online tutorials for the study of elementary logic covering propositional and predicate calculus. Also an interactive Java applet with exercises.

An Elementary Introduction to Logic and Set Theory
An online tutorial including sentential logic, predicate logic and quantifiers, methods of proof, and naive set theory.

Logic for Mathematics by IMACS (Institute for Mathematics & Computer Science)
Choose "parents" or "students", then Mathematics & Logic from the submenu. This is an online course meant for mathematically precocious middle and high school students. This propositional calculus course introduces students to the propositional logic, a branch of modern mathematics which provides a rigorous mathematical analysis of the process of rational argument.

Logic & Proofs course from Open Learning Initiative (OLI)
Part of a full course that includes predicate logic and has been taught at Carnegie Mellon University. Click on the link "LOOK inside the free and open OLI Logic & Proofs Course" to see the course material.

How to Write Proofs
A 12-part tutorial on proof writing. Includes direct proof, proof by contradiction, proof by contrapositive, mathematical induction, if and only if, and proof strategies.

Dc Proof
Free PC software for learning the fundamentals of logic and proof (for college or advanced high school students).

Logic Lorksheets
Easy logic puzzles for middle or high school.

Brain Teasers from Pedagonet
Neat little general brain teasers for kids to enhance problem solving abilities.

Let's Practice Geometry - Free Worksheets
Lots of free worksheets for high school geometry, including topics such as the Pythagorean Theorem, perimeter, area, volume, angle relationships, triangle theorems, similarity and congruence, logic, proofs, trig, polygons, and circles.

Cut The Knot
A site full of games, puzzles, illustrations, charts, paradoxes, illusions, mathematical droodles - often illustrated with interactive Java applets. You can learn a lot!

Free math worksheets and practice - Adapted Mind

Free algebra and geometry lessons