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Advertising policy and rules on Homeschool Math (www.homeschoolmath.net) website

On this page you will find our prices, stats, ad requirements, and other details relevant to advertising on HomeschoolMath.net. We hope the information will help you in deciding whether to advertise on this site would be the right choice for you.

Homeschool Math enjoys a traffic of more than 800,000 unique visitors monthly and serves 1.8 million pageviews monthly (school months). The visitors are mostly homeschooling parents, but a significant portion are other parents, math teachers, elementary school teachers, and students. All visitors are of course interested in math in some way.

Newsletter advertising

Homeschool Math Newsletter goes out in the beginning of each month (school months), plus a special summer edition. Our subscriber base is current - all bouncing email addresses are pruned the instant they bounce.

There are two possible ad placements within the newsletter: either below the section called "In this month's newsletter", before the 1st item of the actual newsletter (see an example of an ad in the newsletter here), OR in the middle of the newsletter.

I like to combine newsletter advertising with a giveaway of your product to my subscribers - this service is free if you purchase newsletter advertising, and gives you additional exposure.

Ad specifications are below. Either:

     * about 100 words OR
     * about 50 words and a small image OR
     * an image max 600x200

The cost for this service is $4.50 per thousand subscribers for the top ad placement, and $3.00 per thousand subscribers for the middle ad placement. Please ask about the current price since it changes constantly. As of October 2012, there were about 100,000 subscribers.

Advertising on single pages.

  • An ad on any of the worksheets pages. Many of these are more popular than the home page. Size 500x200 pixels, which can be a banner or html. Price $85 per 100,000 pageviews. The price will be set based on estimated traffic. The ad will be placed above fold near the top of the page, within the actual text.
  • On other pages: ask for a price!

Across-site advertising. You will get about 1.6-1.8 million monthly pageviews for your run-of-site ad during school months. Choose between:

  • run-of-site top banner ad, image or text. Size 728x90 pixels (leaderboard banner).

  • a run-of-site side ad on the margin, either image or text ad. Size 180x180 pixels.

Please contact me for pricing.

All those above can be either an image ad, or a text ad. The text ad may have html design in them: you can place the text inside a box, use background color, bolding, italics, underlining etc.

Typically, a well-designed top banner might get between 0.3% to 1% CTR. The sidebar button might get 0.05 to 0.1% CTR. However, I cannot guarantee or promise any number of clicks your ad might get. This means there will be no refunds if the ad campaign did not create enough clicks or sales for you. Please check with me if you want to "try out" a run-of-site ad for a week before committing to a full month.

A month is a 30-day period starting from a day of your choosing. Payable via credit card, check, or paypal.

Advertising space is subject to availability. Please check with me first, before designing your ads!

Ad requirements:

No gambling, "adult", illegal, or such offensive stuff. The ad should be of interested to our site's visitors and "family-friendly". No ads that are irrelevant to this site's content, such as cars, gambling, dieting, or earn money schemes. Also nothing religious. All ads are subject to prior acceptance by me.

These prices and advertisement rules may change any time.

Contact me here.