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Hello! My name is Maria Miller and I am the author of HomeschoolMath.net website. In a nutshell, I am a math teacher turned housewife and homeschooler.

The whole idea for the website stems from my experiences in tutoring homeschooled children in math and trying to help homeschooling moms in their math teaching. I noticed many of these mothers had difficulties as math teachers because they did not have much mathematics background and sometimes they did not even like teaching math.

So I decided to make a website that would concentrate on homeschoolers and the specific difficulties homeschooling parents experience in teaching mathematics.

The website
I believe strongly in letting children investigate and explore the mathematical concepts with the help of technology, manipulatives, pictures, tables, etc. so that they can gain real understanding of the concepts instead of just mechanical memorization of rules.

To help homeschooling parents with this, I have created an extensive list of carefully selected (mostly free) interactive tutorials and games and other activities in the internet (see math resources pages).

Another aim is to improve the math teaching in elementary level. Many parents and teachers think that elementary math is easy to teach and that "Anybody can do it".  This often times results in just giving children rules to memorize without explanations, proofs, and "whys and wherefores" of the facts.  Children do not learn to think but instead just wait for the rule to "arrive on a platter" and then use that for the problems in the textbook on that page.

But there is more there in elementary math!  Many principles students can discover on their own if given opportunity.  Also, modern textbooks assume that a child needs 4-5 years to learn, say, column-form multiplication or fractions because they repeat the same material over and over in those early years.  But that doesn't have to be.  It is true that children need review, but not as much as what many curricula have. If students master the topics of elementary math, they don't need to repeat them over and over, and can move on to new topics quicker.

I have also written a series of books called Math Mammoth. These books aim to let children really understand the mathematical concepts, while also providing adequate amount of practice problems. Many of the books' lessons are available online so explore them for teaching ideas even if you don't want to buy the books.

HomeschoolMath.net website also has descriptions and reviews of the most popular math curricula used by homeschoolers. Our ever-expanding teaching tips section features articles about teaching specific math topis. The worksheets section is very popular - free worksheets for many different math topics. And, on the reviews section you will find in-depth reviews of some commercial math products.



I have a master's degree in mathematics with the teacher educational studies, and minors in physics and statistics.

I love teaching math (and teaching in general). My teaching experience is varied (though not very extensive since I've been staying at home), ranging from university to vocational school and classroom teaching and private tutoring.

But degrees and teaching experience are just a start.  They don't make a teacher.  Good teachers love their subject and the student.  That makes them passionately study more of their subject and ways that they can help the child to discover the same elements of the subject matter that make they themselves love the subject.

Personally I love math for the beauty of its structure and logic.  Things intertwine and make connections with each other while being built on each other.  It is hard to explain or imagine but if you feel the same way, you know what I'm talking about.

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